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    Jul 16, 2003
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    Hi There, I need a computer for word processing, photo editing & printing, web design and perhaps some very basic cad stuff in vectorworks, maybee. I have no intention of video editing.

    This is a long post because all my photo buddies are sworn to pc/windows so I am here for advice.

    Having a superdrive or 17" is not a big concern. But the imac seems better value and costs less than the 15"combo. I guess the 1.25ghz imac would equal the 15PB's 1ghz & cache in speed. And I guess the 15PB superdrive 1.25ghz with cache would be faster than the 1.25ghz imac. But by how much ? Am i going to notice it in Iphoto browsing and rotating images ? and photoshop filters and adjusting colors ?
    Sure, PB's are portable but howmany of you use them on your laps while sitting on the couch, it gives me a sore back. So for portability I can shift the imac from room to room, house to house and take it in a car. An apple sales rep told me to sit the imac on the back seat, cover the screen and put a seatbelt around it ??? Has anyone tried porting around an imac and wished they had a laptop ?
    I have 3 paths to take. 1) 15PB combo, the backlit k/b, airport ex, sdrive seem a waste of money to me, you'll see why when I tell you the price difference here in Australia. If it turns out not fast enough then later (6-12months) I will get a g5, by then the g5 may be in the imac. So I have portability and desktop power.
    Now in the windows/pc world, lots of people have 2 machines, 1 for seriouse work/development/sensetive information and the other to update their sites, because these crappy pc and windows start doing all sorts of stupid things once they are on the net, who knows what the hell goes on in them. That way 1 machine never gets infected or whatever. Is this no longer required with the mac?
    2) IMAC17, if it is not fast enough, PM G5 later, or a g5PB if they are out in a year.
    3) 1.25ghz pb, this better be fast enough because i won't have any money left to upgrade for a LLLLLong time, so it better be that good.

    Waiting an extra 2-5 seconds applying a filter to a 20mb transparency scan is ok, Most of my pics are 5mb files. Not having instant response to clicking on menu's & changing applications like this windows junk i am using now is not acceptable. Would any of the pb's have such a deley ?
    I noticed the just out of date 17"1ghz imac was a little slow for me at rotating 5mb pictures in iphoto, the 12"PB did it quicker ?

    The more I write this the more I am inclined to go for a 15PB combo, it is $1,100 cheaper than the s/d, I could spend that on 1gb ram, then it might perform like a 15PBs/d.

    Then I need a printer hp10ps. but the 15s/d will force me to buy a cheap printer for now, real cheap.
    A guy in the camera shop told me to get the imac, it is plenty fast enough for the basic editing I do and the money saved can be put towards a printer. He uses a 800mhz 15" imac. Like I say, you don't need the best camera and biggest computer to produce great photo's.

    I guess i'll have to try them out side by side in the store when they arrive, new imacs are not here yet.
    btw, I have a 20" cinema display that can hook into the pb via the converter. don't know if to keep or sell yet.

    15"combo $3700, 15"s/d $4800, 17"IMAC $3300
    confident the PB's would not be updated

    Sorry for the lllong post, your patience is appreciated.
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    Jul 16, 2003
    Lake Titicaca
    "Buy the PB15" says the voice in my head, so I will, now I am answering the voices, insanity hehheh hhmh hm, what's that "destroy all pc's", yes master hmm h heheh.

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