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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by MaxArturo, Mar 6, 2003.

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    Mar 6, 2003
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    Three persons from IMC Norway are now inside Baghdad as “human shields” and to report back to IMC what is going on. Their version of what is happening is - not surprising – different from the “official story” in the corporate media. Instead of “threats” and “coercion”, they say they got to choose between two alternatives: either defend important infrastructure for the civilians or leave the country. Instead of “escaping in the night” the peace activists that left did it without panic. Many of them were supposed to go back home anyway (job, family etc).

    The people that remain, among them five Norwegians, do so of their own free will. It is also of their own free will they consent in being stationed in a waterplant (and they can leave whenever they want). Although regarded as a military target by the US, this waterplant (and other important infrastructure) is essential for the civilian population. If Bush & Co are serious about not targeting civilians, plants like these cannot be bombed, not even by “accident”.

    The “human shields” in Baghdad have reacted on the distorted presentation of facts in corporate media. In Baghdad the “shields” have staged a protest outside the international press center with banners saying “Stop The Lies”. Beneath there is also a “shield” response to a corporate article.
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    Didn't you expect them not to be coerced in any way? I mean, it's an opportunity for Saddam to prove how he's such a good guy. And why would he threaten them in any way? They're providing a great service to him, protecting his supplies and making him look so like a gentleman. Well, I guess to unthinking folks like you he may look like a gentleman. And pardon my crassness, but it wouldn't be much loss to bomb these brainless human (maybe I'm being too generous) shields. I mean, Saddam is a monster. He's ordered people's tongues cut out, he's invaded neighboring countries, he's tortured his own people, and on and on. Just check it out sometime. Then tell me how this is so peaceful. Why defend that in the name of peace?

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