iMessage not sending messages! Helpp!


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Jan 3, 2011
Hi everyone! I'm having quite a frustrating problem. I have been using iMessage on my iPhone 3GS since it came out. Recently my phone got dissconnected from my cell company and I only had to rely on it, then one day it just stopped working and has stayed that way. I have re-verified my email and since getting my phone re-activated it has verified my phone # again but when i go to send an iMessage it gives me the "Not Delivered" message in red under the message I can send SMS fine. When my friends go to send me one it says delivered like it is working, but i never get the message. Also I log into my iMessage account on my iPad and my iMessage works like a charm, same email. Any sugestuons? I'd love to get it working on my phone again, it's a pain to use my iPad.
Thanksss! :)


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Jun 29, 2010
So here’s the fix....

Settings > WiFi > find the active wifi network ( the one with the tick)

Click the blue arrow> find the DNS entry ( 4th item down), note it’s value.

In the DNS field – type in

Click the “home button” and then try iMessage
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