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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Ilikeapples87, Jun 3, 2009.

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    Jun 3, 2009
    so i dunno if im welcome here, but im on verizon at this time, but i was wondering if it is worth to switch to att and the iphone when apple pushes out the iphone w/3.0 or their new iphone? cuz im using a bb storm at this moment and just getting tired it and disappointed in how they pushed out their new phone. so im kinda asking for a deciding factor or opinion from you guys. is it worth it when 3.0 or the new iphone comes out? only beef i have with att is their customer service and their notorious dropped calls.
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    Nobody (outside of Apple) knows what the exact features of the 3.0 software will be, or what features the new iPhone will have. It's mostly rumors.

    So, it's very hard to recommend any actions based on anything but the current software (and released 3.0 features set) and current phone.
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    pay attention to the WWDC Keynote on monday. Websites like macrumors and Engadget always have a live rss feed for you to see the updates. Then you'll know.
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    Dropped calls and coverage depends on where you live.
    Ask locals that have AT&T to let you know how it is. That varies per city and state.
    As fas as customer service I never had any probs with them. They're friendly and helpfull. If you end up with someone that cant help you or doesnt have the answers you need just hang up and call again to speak to someone else.
    Check out the keynote in a few days to see what Apple has coming our way this summer.

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