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    I'm quickly running out of space on my HD. Part of the problem is every increasing amounts of video of my daughter. I'd like to get a good-sized external FW drive to hold it.

    Now, if I'm working with iMovie, can I run the footage off the external HD, or should I put it on the internal HD? That is, from a performance perspective?

    Also, I assume it's best to render the final project to the internal HD, and burn the DVD from there, but is it possible to do it straight from the external HD?

    Anything to look for in an HD other than FW capability?
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    Aug 13, 2002
    You can set the scratch (temp) drive for iMovie to use the external drive. That will speed things up for you. There should be no reason why you can't use the external drive for everything, but it is always to try to spread the work among HDs to get the best performance.

    Make sure you get a fast exteran FW drive. 7200RPM 8MB Cache, and a decent size.

    I have a 120GB drive with the above specs. I got an IDE drive and put it in a FW enclosure, and I love it.

    Do a search on "iMovie AND external", you will find a few other threads with similar questions and more details.

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