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iMovie, best way to archive an entire project (edits and all) on a Synology NAS?


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Jun 17, 2007
Lake Worth, FL
I just got a new M1 MBA ($899 base model) and figured I’d get around to editing some 4K zip lining footage from our recent family vacation now that I actually have something that can edit it. Now that I’ve got it edited and posted to YouTube I’m trying to figure out the best way to archive the entire iMovie project so that I can free up ~24GB on the MBA. I have a Synology NAS and figured I could just create a second iMovie library on it and copy the project into that library for safe keeping and to easily transfer it back to the local iMovie library incase I ever need to edit it again, but I quickly discovered that iMovie will only allow you to create a library on a APFS or HFS formatted disk. Needless to say I ran to BestBuy real quick and got a USB-C to A adapter so I could format a flash drive as APFS and put a library on that for now. I then proceeded to try and make a APFS sparsebundle on the Synology and put a iMovie library inside of that. That worked while the sparsebundle was mounted, however after unmounting the sparsebundle and then trying to mount it again to make sure everything was gonna be safe and sound I discovered that it takes an insane amount of time (not even sure how long as I cancelled the operation) to mount a 1TB (but only 24GB used) sparsebundle across the network.

That brings me to my question... what is the best way to archive an entire iMovie project (complete with original source, all edits, and final output) on my Synology NAS so that I can easily open it back up in the future and start editing right where I stopped? Thanks in advance!
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