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Discussion in 'Switch Stories' started by Swinny, Feb 17, 2003.

  1. Swinny macrumors regular

    Jul 12, 2002
    Oxford, UK
    Technically I switched 18 months ago when I bought my iBook, but with my new 1GHz iMac now sat proudly where my PC has been for the last 4 years, only now do I feel as though the process is complete!

    3 years ago now, The Creative Director at the Design agecny I worked for was a huge mac-man and convinved the MD that the office needed an (original) iMac to be used as an ISDN machine so as to free up his G4. In a move totally unlike the MD he plumped for exactly the right model and soon after a new iMac DV was sat next to the G4. Now, I'd used Macs before and altough I had no problems with them, had never seen what they could do over PCs. Then I saw iMovie! I was instantly hooked - I'd done a media degree and alot of my work involved video editting on the studios Broadcast suite, and iMovie just blew everything else away in terms of its fun-factor and ease-of-use. My own DV-camcorder never wanted to talk to my PC/Firewire card and after 30 minutes of tweaks/resets and restarts i was luck to have captured 30 seconds of footage. As an experiment I took the cam into work one day, not holding out much hope of success as it wasnt on iMovie's compatible list. Needless to say, within 20 seconds iMac and camcroder were talking in perfect harmony!

    A few months later and OS X arrived and I finally new I had to get me one of these things. the first Tibooks were stunning but far too expensive and the iBooks at that time just looked like toys to me. When the Snow iBooks rrived in mid 2001 I knew I had to have one and after a month or so of justifying the purchase, I bit the bullet and a few weeks later it turned up on my doorstep. I got a phone-call at work telling me it had arrived and couldnt wait to get home, but the others in the office were even more impatient and I drove home to pick it up!

    18 months laters and my little iBook is still going strong, and now it's joined by the 1GHz iMac. My first desktop Mac replacing what will probably turn out to be my first (and last) personal PC.

    Having read alot of the threads about the new iMacs on here I was a little sceptical at first as to whether or not it was the machine for me, but having used it for a few days all I can say is that it is the most stunning machine I've ever used. Even with only the stock 256mb RAM on-board (more in the post!) the whole system is responsive and speedy even when running Photoshop, Director, Flash, Word and Safari, Yahoo IM and iTunes at the same time (as I am now!). iMovie 3 runs just as well as iMovie 2 used to on my iBook and iDVD 3 is just looking so cool it's untrue! And the screen!!!? I remember pushing those things around in stores thinking "thats very clever, really smooth" but its only having worked with it properly that I realise just how awesome it is being able to move the screen around, rather than me!

    I used to think my old Creative Director was a little mad for his almost hysterical PC bashing, now I know couldn't agree with him more!

    ...and to finish off, they say, a picture speaks 1000 words...
  2. Vlade macrumors 6502a


    Feb 2, 2003
    Meadville, PA
    Nice set up, if only imacs could have replaceable video cards I might get that same setup (17' + ibook)
  3. medea macrumors 68030


    Aug 4, 2002
    Madison, Wi
    sweet story and setup, those iPrograms have made a lot of people switch.

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