iMovie - iDVD - iTunes - iPhoto - anything missing?


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Oct 23, 2001
hi everybody ... first of all ... i'm a die hard mac fan since years .. use macs for professional work (new media) and for home use ... i have 3 macs that i'm still actually using and 1 dell pc (for gaming, sorry) ..

since seeing SJ's 4part matrix of iSoftware (read subject), i was wondering if anything was missing that may be crucial for the consumer user ...

don't flame me at this ...

what i mostly use the pc for (besides gaming..) is software like netmeeting or M$ instant messenger (XP, which has now netmeeting functionality) to chat, talk and video conference with my brother and his kids on a daily if not hourly basis ... i think its great (not the software itself), but the functionalty it gives you ... i know that we (mac users) have MSIM on macos ... but what i would really like to see what Apple could make out of this functionality! ... after seeing how well iPhoto has been thought out (!!!) ... i'd die to see some iTalk/iConnect sw from apple SW dept. ... i think this is one of the key uses of the coming "digital hub"

only my 2 c


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Dec 29, 2001
True True

MS IS ****



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Jan 9, 2002
How about iMusic, a very user friendly digital audio recording and editing program? Turn your iMac into a home recording studio. I suppose there isn't that big a market for it -- I'm sure that more people would rather rip tracks from CDs than record their own music. Plus you'd still need additional hardware to get the music into the computer (the built-in mic isn't good enough). Still, I've always wondered why they called their MP3 program iTunes rather than the better-sounding (to me, at least) iMusic.

I'm sure Apple could come up with a better PDA interface than Palm Desktop for OSX, but I doubt they'll go there.


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Jan 6, 2002
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
That'd be sweet!

Apple should make a music editing program.. That'd be awesome. I doubt they will, but it'd be nice to have something that you can do simple mixing and audio clipping and stuff. I have mixman for something like this, but i really dont like it all that much. I think in addition video confrencing software would be cool too.. I know there already are a lot of programs out there, but there were a lot of Mp3 players out there before iTunes, and Apple made the best. I'm confident Apple could make a video confrencing program that was great.


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Jan 9, 2002
Hold on a second, you have to be careful about what you put on a computer. You want a Mac to ship with enough function to get a user up to crusing speed, but you do not want to overwhelm them. Right now they seem to have the perfect blend of simple yet powerful programs that meet the need of the AVERAGE USER. The iTalk idea is something i can see them working on. As far as music editing maybe something along the lines of iMovie in power. My point is that you do not want to ship a Mac with a bunch of shovel ware. By giving the user very basic programs it shows them what they can do and than the user can upgrade to the bigger programs after they have gotten comfortable with the basics.


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Jan 19, 2002

what about iSurf? IE is microsoft so meaning it sucks, but also to is too slow, and doesn't do enough. Netscape is getting too complicated now, and the rest aren't really very reliable. Apple should give us a browser that's upto standard with OS X (ie, fast, easy, powerfull, elegant).


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Apr 9, 2001
Re: iSurf?

Originally posted by jail
what about iSurf? IE is microsoft so meaning it sucks, but also to is too slow, and doesn't do enough. Netscape is getting too complicated now, and the rest aren't really very reliable. Apple should give us a browser that's upto standard with OS X (ie, fast, easy, powerfull, elegant).
I doubt it... the browser market is not something Apple needs to be into... too much history in it...



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Jan 19, 2002
Re: Re: iSurf?

Originally posted by arn

I doubt it... the browser market is not something Apple needs to be into... too much history in it...

yeah, its a shame.
i don't know anybody whos happy with todays "choice" of browsers


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Nov 6, 2001
Yeah but...

that contract ends this July... then M$ should not own a penny of apple :).

How bout iScan? The revoultionary scanning program that makes another chain of pain disapear. Just think, plug in, scan, unplug...


I just would like to see the second revision of iPhoto. This would include basic filters like, brightness & contrast, instant fix, stuff like that... How do you edit photo's in iPhoto? You can't, just redeye and resizing...


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May 8, 2001
Re: That'd be sweet!

Originally posted by Six
Apple should make a music editing program..
a dependable source of mine has confirmed apple's intention in a "Digidesign ProTools Killer" app for audio professionals. Real time multitrack audio recording, mixing, effects with out additional hardware. (course accept the multitrack input capabilities will be from various third party vendors such as MOTU.) Similar to what Final Cut Pro has done to Avid. As far as whether or not they will go through with it, only time will tell.


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Oct 14, 2001
Some great ideas!

Here is my 2 cents.

Audio editing software becomes built into itunes

iConnect gets built into mail and becomes iMail

iScan (great idea btw!) gets built into iPhoto

this could keep the # of software titles down and increase the abilities of existing software. Hopefully not scaring newbies with too many competing programs.

I would like them to start converging many of their online features into one ease to see folder.

My itools disk, webpage, support page,...etc all visible and hot sync with what ever machine I wish so that I can keep my work machine and home machine "on the same date" and "on the same page".--- yes i mean to have the actual files in 3 places. @home, online, and @work

iTools 2???

elfin buddy

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Sep 16, 2001
Tuttlingen, Germany

i doubt apple will put a feature like im into mail. it would make mail itself too complicated. same goes for all the other apps. i heard something a few months ago about apple working on a new IM app that would combine all the major IM apps into one so you would be able to contact people on both msn messenger and icq (etc...) at the same time.

an apple branded music editor is a possibility but i doubt apple would give it away for free (at least a full blown version...). it would probably target the same market as FCP. an iMusicEditor would probably be similar to iMovie, except to do with audio. maybe iMusicEditor and Music Editor Pro?

something else i would like to see apple release is a low end 3D animation studio for consumers. there arent many companies giving away 3D animation apps so its fair game for apple =) still, i doubt apple would releqase somthing like that because too few people are interested in 3D modeling.


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Jan 2, 2002
What's missing here? Well, all of Apple's i-apps complement existing trends in the industry. MP3's, Digicamera, camcorders, etc...

The question to ask here is what trend is there that's not being exploited?

Netmeeting capabilities is certainly interesting, but that's nothing new. Conferencing is a corporate thing.

An iMusic device has been buzzed about forever. I think the iPod is going to be Apple's only iMusic device for the time being.

So what's left? What appliances are there that Apple hasn't built isoftware for?

Well, not much. PDA's are about it. Unless iWalk comes out (ha!), I think Apple's iSoft lineup is gonna remain unchanged.

That is unless Apple comes out with some new hybrid appliance that we did't know we needed...

If Apple ever did make an appliance, I'd expect it to be some type of Apple-branded digi-cam or camcorder. In other words, think of a camera that at the moment is super complicated, and make it super easy. That would also follow the trend of how iTunes was released, then iPod a year later.

There's very little else that the industry hasn't already figured out. DVD players work well. Receivers are still confusing, but work. Cell phones? I don't think so.

The obvious answer to your question about new apps from Apple is that there won't be anything new for the next year. The next big thing is gonna be on the hardware side. The G5 and possibly an iCamera.

That's my prediction anyways.



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Jul 18, 2001
iTalk and iWeb

iTalk and iWeb seem the most likely iTalk( like AIM but can talk to all Im'ers not just iWeb users) this is probably already in production for MWNY 02'. And iWeb (a internet browser Apple style) will be out when ever my guess is that it will be MWSF 03' if ever. And the entire iMusic think no way 3rd. parties have been making Music apps. since the Mac 128k so theres no need and no one would use it. It would be like Metro or sound studio.


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Dec 25, 2001
Similar to what Final Cut Pro has done to Avid.
FCP is still very juvenile in its feature set compared to avid. I do see an audio program, especially since the digi hardware tools are so last decade in terms of actually being needed.


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Jan 20, 2002

i want to see iShare, a p2p networking program that links all mac users together into one big happy macintosh family tht can share files with the click of a button and find anything from mp3s to your college thesis paper. and the name doesnt get any better than iShare.

damn im good.

- pc user waiting patiently for the G5.


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Jan 19, 2002
Originally posted by Buggy
Audio editing software becomes built into iTunes
doubt it, iTunes is for listening, not editing.
It would be too complicated.
iTunes is designed to open, play, ignore.

iScan (great idea btw!) gets built into iPhoto
greate idea! every photo program should have scan built in


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Oct 23, 2001

I think Apple's focus should now be on the human interface. Trackpads are clumsy, mice are corded and clumsier. It would be cool if they would put optical trackballs into their portables and keyboards and reduce peripheral clutter. But, on the other hand how about something totally new:

*Why doesn't Apple invest in optical tracking technology and innovate with putting microcameras into their screens which not only double as webcams, but use a type of optical recognition software that picks out what the human eye is focused on and create a new ability to navigate visually without having to use hands... Just think about it.. you're browsing MacRumors, and when your eye hits the end of the last line on the page, the browser automatically rolls the page up for you instead of having to waste time finding and manipulating a scroll bar. Want to follow a link to another page from a post? Just look at the link and give a long blink. Left eye blink for left mouse button, right eye blink for right mouse button.. Just a radical thought.
Canon has made digital camcorders which use eye position detection to change the focus.. why not put that technology to use in computers?


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Jan 2, 2001
Metairie, LA
maybe a print program?

I'm thinking maybe a design or page layout program possibly like Freehand or Quark? Apple has taken a stake in video, audio, what's left?

Maybe Apple is going to venture into the consumer printing industry and create a layout many of the crappy ones Microsoft bundles with Windoze....for people to be able to create cards, announcements, CD templates, etc, etc...


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Jan 9, 2002
Austin, TX
Just remember guys, If Apple makes too many apps, and hurts developers, then they will be in the same place M$ is right now.


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Dec 9, 2001
State of Denial
Apple=MS BUT

but if Apple did become like MS there, at least the programs would all bee good. BTW, only the contract with MS ends in July. MS will still own quite a bit of Apple though


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Jan 5, 2002

apple should definitely release some sort of simple, easy-to-use consumer web page design software. sure it's easy enough to post your pictures on the web with a homepage using itools, but those are extremely limited and don't really do much. plus, you have to do everything online, which people with slower collections probably don't like. instead, make something that would allow consumers to build a simple but fully functional, customizable, and personalized web site from the ground up. it would have to be easier than something like GoLive and therefore include less features, but for the average Joe Schlubb it would be ideal. and it would be called iPage, and i would be entitled to royalties. iDeally:D
i don't know about the rest of you, and i don't give a **** how much of apple microsoft owns, i would love to see an apple web browser. i'm really liking the way apple is integrating all it's iSoftware with osx and itools (ie iPhoto, Mail, etc.), and i think there are an enormous amount of integrations apple could make by having a web browswer that talks seamlessly with osx.
also, and this is admittedly stupid, and obviously never going to happen, but i think it would be really funny if apple made a version of osx for xbox. pre-release, xbox's press releases were constantly making a point of the fact that microsoft didn't want the xbox to become a pc. it was to be a video game console, and nothing more, despite the fact that it's obviously capable of more. given that bill doesn't want the xbox to become a computer, nothing would piss him off more than to turn it into a mac. heheheheheh. but that'll never happen. or will it??? no. it won't.


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Aug 1, 2001
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Apple Computer Inc. v Apple Records

Apple's support for digital music production was severely hampered when Apple Records (of Beatles fame) sued under Company Name statutes.

That is: Apple Records sued Apple Computer because their names were confusingly similar and Apple Computers were beginning to look capable of being used for pro-Audio production which would put them in the same market genre. The court ruling prevented Apple Computer from pursuing pro-Audio as long as Apple records was in business. If you want an Apple Audio suite: find out if Apple Records still exists.;)