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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by gallagb, Jul 28, 2004.

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    Apr 28, 2004
    ok- a few questions-

    i've got a powerbook G4 - No superdrive
    an a separate external DVD R drive- (not sure if it is +/- or both)
    {and yes- i've been told that was dumb- i should have bought the Superdrive instead of the combo- but i didn't know i'd be needing it!}
    i've got 2 video input sources- one is firewire (a dv cannon cam) and the other is some dinky old sony analog input

    the two camera's taped the same event- w/ the DV cam has the audio that i want (only the dv cam's audio is important)

    i'm gonna use iMovie (4.0.1)
    (b/c that's all i've got right now)
    i want to make a DVD out of the deal when it's all done
    and i want to use both video sources to create the video- all lined up with one audio source- (from the DV cam)

    here's my short list of questions
    a) how do i get the video from the non-dv cam into the computer? what do i need to purchase to plug it in...etc
    b) how do i export the final product onto a DVD (i've been told that iDVD won't work w/ external drives) - so that the final product can be popped into most any dvd player and play like a movie...etc
    c) if i wanted to 'save the file' and transfer it to another computer (a PC running a pinnacle based system) so that i could export the video onto a VHS tape - what file type should i save the video as? (i could use my iPod to transport the file no prbm)
    d) what am i missing? - my experience is really not a ton w/ this type of project- i've used a DV cam before w/ imovie (1.0) on a previous computer...etc- and then outputted the video just on a CDR as a quicktime file- - so this project is as much of an experiment as anything- but i want to do a professional job of video-taping the event and then producing a good looking product- on DVD or having the VHS option

    thanks in advance!
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    Sep 27, 2003
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    Hello -

    A) Find out if your Canon DV camera has "Analog Pass-through". What that means is that you can use your DV camera to pass-through (filter) the image from your older camera so that it becomes digital and can be input through the firewire. This is very common and should be easy if you have "Analog pass-though" conversion. Also, if you don't, check out the Dazzle Hollywood DV Bridge. It's about $200 and does the same job.

    B) iDVD may work with your drive you should check.


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