imovie3 on G3-350mhz

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by jairo_rios, Nov 21, 2003.

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    Nov 21, 2003
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    One of the reasons I wanted to upgrade from OS 9.2 to OS 10.3 was for imovie software. The apple website says the system requirements for imovie are G3-400 mhz. Will imovie not work? Will is work but very slow? Do I need to look elsewhere for video editing software.

    PS I am also looking to buy a mini DV camcorder. I would like the camcorder, software and hardware to work togther harmoniously.
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    If it does run, it will run extremely slow, extremely slow. iMovie is an extremely powerful program for free, but it does require a fast system. As long as you have a newer hard drive (at least 30GB and 7200 RPM) then that'll eliminate most problems. The question I think is whether or not your graphics card and CPU can handle the somewhat cumbersome interface and decode DV streams in real time.
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    FYI am running imovie3 on an iMacDv 400 G3, iMovie3 works but not too smoothly, it can become annoying in all honesty.
    Playback in the main viewer is very choppy.
    Precise editing extremely fustrating. Transistions take an age.
    Basically iMovie 2 is smoother, faster and more responsive imho, so if you can find a copy I'd personally use 2 over 3. Oh and Panther does improve 3's stability/overall speed, just not enough on such old hardware....time for an upgrade methinks.

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