Importance of understanding light, from a painters point of view per se

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Artful Dodger, Sep 10, 2012.

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    And if you liked that, check out the documentary "Cameraman: the Life and Work of Jack Cardiff." He's the pioneering cinematographer on the Powell and Pressburger films like "The Red Shoes" and "Black Narcissus." And one of the first to use Technicolor. He also painted, and talks in the film about how that influenced the look of these movies. It took expression into areas that would have been impossible to paint. Incredible guy; you can learn a lot and be entertained.
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    Thank you very much :D I always enjoy more stuff like this and the reminders from those who made it an important part of their work.

    It seems odd but maybe not that I see in the video forum here and on other forums where people want to know how they made the look of or like certain movies such as The Matrix, 300 and Saving Private Ryan with filters. Nothing asking about lighting, white balance, RGB adjustments and the list goes on which is fine as long as they come to understand the basics as an answer that will educate them and hopefully improve their skill set. Not sure why but filters is always in the top 3 if not the first question asked.

    Coming from a painting background and drawing since 3, I guess I don't think of filters or special effects first so this article was a great way to break that cycle if those are willing to invest a bit in reading.
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    If only Vermeer had thought to use a reflector to unblock his shadows a little.

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