In addition to the ‘standard’ version, should OEMs offer larger battery variants of t

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    Good article here;

    Recently we put together an infographic based on information we had collected from previous AA polls. The theme was whether or not the “spec war” was still as important as it once was. The vast majority said no, which falls in line with Motorola’s Rick Osterloh’s prediction that high-end, high-priced smartphones could eventually go the way of the dinosaur.

    So if raw specs aren’t as important, what would we like to see improve instead? In our poll-based infographic an overwhelming 58% said battery life. We’ve also seen this sentiment expressed in various comment threads on our site, in our forums and across the web. In fact, whenever we report on a new handset attempting to claim the “thinnest ever” title, we usually see a number of comments saying that being thin isn’t as important as a good battery.
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    Kind of like the Razr/Razr Maxx, Razr HD/Razr HD Maxx, and the Droid Mini/Maxx?
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    I just got an OEM Samsung extended battery today in the mail for my gs5.

    Its a 3500 mah and barely makes the phone comes with a new cover and was about 40 bucks shipped from europe
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    Take the new iPhone 6 for example, it is what 6.9mm thin ? Why at the expense of battery size ? I don't need or want a phone 6.9mm thin, for what reason ? So it will bend in your pocket :p

    I don't know anyone who would prefer a wafer thin phone with a small battery, over a beefier size with a bigger battery.

    I think phone at like the Galaxy S4 thickness of 7.9mm are just right thinness wise, and then you can still stuff in a pretty good size battery.

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