In app advertising?


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Sep 11, 2011
Hi all,

I have a newsstand application which provides my local county magazine for a subscription fee of £0.99 per week.

Our print magazine makes the majority of its money through local advertising.

My boss is trying to see if we can generate additional revenue from the app, especially seeing as we have quite a bit of screen real estate left over in the menus etc.

What I've done is create our own ad banner system, whereby a UIToolbar gets its background image from a URL. Over the top are three transparent UIButtons that when pressed load up a UIWebview which goes to a domain with an HTTP redirect setup. This way we can sell the banner to advertisers and they can choose a landing page, this can all be changed server side so there's no need to update the app.

Anyway does anybody know if Apple are going to have an issue with this? I can't seem to run a search without iAd or Admob related questions popping up.

Attached is a screenshot of my implementation.