In Campaign Wars, Apple Still Has Microsoft’s Number

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 5, 2009.

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    I have to say that when I think of MS commercials, I thought they had really great commercials in the Windows 95 era. The "Start Me Up" commercial series announcing Win95 was great. I really liked the "Where Do You Want To Go Today?" ads also. They haven't been doing anything compelling anytime recently. That ad they put on Youtube with the Windows software for making music was even worse than the ones with Jerry Seinfeld, and that's not easy to accomplish.

    I do have to admit that a couple of the I'm a PC ads were not so bad.
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    ok so apple hire better advertising companies to do their ads than microsoft. Microsoft is probably just as well known (if not more so) as apple is, the difference is that microsoft (atleast in my view) isn't just one brand, they have several.

    Apple really only have three/four 'brands' that people (not techy people like us) would recognise and thats ipod, iphone, and imac/macbook but generally speaking apple (as a brand) isn't really recognised as much and os-x isn't nearly as recognisable as windows is due to I would say just about everyone who has a computer having used windows at some point. Think about it do you go I've got an apple ipod or an apple imac/macbook - you don't do you.
    Can your non apple friends tell you the name of the os on your mac.

    Microsoft on the otherhand haven't got the hardware marketing like apple has when it comes to computers but Windows is synonimous (did I spell that right) with pc use, people might not know its xp or vista but I bet anyone who has used/seen a pc can go thats windows.
    MS Office (and its sub brands word, excel, powerpoint etc) is the same really.

    But they've also got their hardware department (which include mice - intellimouse & explorer etc, webcams, keyboards and games consoles) and if you think about it the xbox is probably just as well known as the ipod/iphone brand. Now admittedly the zune hasn't done too well but some of thats down to ms being too late to the party (its relatively highly rated as a player) and them just being lazy with the marketing (US only!!) and their insistance of support for multiple vendors/hardware prior to its release - biggest mistake.

    So I would say that Apple are probably better at making their products out to be cooler due to the attached hardware but I wouldn't say they're better than MS at advertising, hell I hardly see MS adverts yet I see loads of Apple ones.
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    It's not about who you hire to do your ads, it's about knowing what you want from them. A great advertising firm will do lousy work for a company that is without direction or focus. This is Microsoft's problem -- which is one advertising can't make better.
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    Feb 5, 2008
    I liked the I'm a PC adverts because they focused on what people could do rather than the increasingly desperate Mac vs PC adverts which have descended into focusing on things Vista is perceived as not being able to do.

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