In case others have this problem.


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Oct 28, 2001
Greensboro, NC
I was very happy with myself this morning, because I utilized the fact that I back up any major system hack I make. I urge everyone to do the same. The following is just in case anyone has these problems.

So i logged out and back in this morning: my dock was no longer clear, and a program by the name of (=o) Dock was my dock with a generic folder icon.

I ran System Preferences and found that my panels were all out of whack. Under the "Other" category, the Keyboard was suddenly listed twice. The Accounts panel was completely missing as was the Dock panel.

I had 10.2.1 with the Minimize in Place Dock installed.

First step...I dropped to the terminal and logged in as root user. I went to my PreferencePanes dir and noticed that there was the Content/ directory of my Dock.prefPane sitting all alone, altho the Dock.prefPane had its contents in tact. I moved it to a backup folder. Now all the dir's were proper .prefPane dirs. No strays.

I then proceeded to restore both apps in the Components and CoreServices dirs from the original jaguar dock. I also copied the contents of the original Dock.prefPane back to the PreferencePanes dir.

Next I killed the Dock process, and when it restarted, the Dock was transparent with no ghost dock running. Also my System Preferences are now fixed.

I have a feeling 10.2.1 is the reason for this bustage, so those with dock hacks and other stuff, beware as always when you update...and keep a backup handy.


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Jul 25, 2002
Louisville, KY
My brother works for Apple, and he said the reason they haven't released 10.2.1 is because it is EXTREMELY unstable. He said there is a rumor going around the Apple offices about Steve and 10.2.1. Apparently the programmers said they had everything fixed and put it on a powerbook for Steve to check out, and when he went to try rondevous, the whole system crashed and wouldn't let the machine start backup. He also said that they are having trouble integrating rondevous into updates of programs because they discovered some sort of glitch within the code.