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    Hello, this is in honor of Steve Jobs birthday. Below you will find an exclusive text that wasn’t published anywhere before. These are the notes from the Diary of the former manager of Corporation. They got into our hands decades later of their writing. Here you will find out who in reality brought success to the Corporation.
    “My job is not to be easy on people.

    My job is to make them even better.”


    Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.

    All systems activated …

    Again I’m standing in front of this closed door and it is not for the first time when my breath was caught with excitement. Every time while the safety system is studying my biometric data I feel myself like a child opening a long-expected present.

    All thirty years of joint work STEVE (Server of Transhuman Electronic Virtual Emulation) surprised me more than once. Every time he proved that he hadn’t lost the spirit of innovator. He would really remain the genius inventor. The old-timers were joking that our Steve hadn’t changed at all except the fact that he “gained the weight of an 8-storey building”.

    Before, I seldom talked with him in the flash, only once or twice a year. It could usually happen at presentations of new developments of our department. As usual, he was attentive and rigorous to all ideas and his detailed criticism could totally change the project. The rest of the time he divided between his family and his main project – the digital copy of himself. Steve clearly understood that day by day his time was running out. His illness was progressing. And neither he nor his friends wanted to accept the imperfection of human body. So, we all firmly decided: Steve’s genius should be saved.

    All resources of the Corporation were mobilized on the creation of the world’s first exact copy of human brain. For this, vast territories were bought on which a new office of Corporation was built. The whole 8 underground floors have been built for STEVE. One floor was designed for direct communication with STEVE, the rest were intended for the “soul”. In reality there was the world’s most powerful supercomputer that could fully reproduce the intelligence of one person. After finishing all preliminary work Steve set up server system launch in such a way, that his final words at the same time became his first words in his new life.

    For the entire period of work STEVE once again proved that he hadn’t lost his intuition, spirit of innovation, critical view and aspiring for excellence. As always he pursued a goal of developing devices that could be well ahead of their time. He passed through himself millions of ideas coming from designers and combined them in something quite new, unique and never seen before. His requirements always remained the same: quality, novelty and care for customers.

    He used to criticize the fifth generation devices, saying that they were not finalized and were too quickly put into production. However, STEVE also criticized the price policy and the fact that a number of new products had simply been lost on the market, because they couldn’t impress the customers, couldn’t gave them something new, something that didn’t have been before. All these have already been offered by other companies. But STEVE’s criticism was ignored.

    Only after some big failures and huge financial losses he was again listened to. He got back his right for the final word. And after the production of the first device approved by STEVE, the business of the company improved. The results again became not just good, but stunning.

    Further things were even better. Company returned its leading position on the market and became unachievable for competitors. The time has proved that there’s no use of competing with Job’s company any more. Other participants of the market were forced to use the only rescue measure – merging. That merging became the biggest in the history of humanity. When all formalities connected with merging had been completed lawyers were no longer necessary. Patent wars stopped and all efforts were directed to the main aim of the company – development and implementation of new projects.

    “Information is processed, access is denied” these words are shocking the company management the second week. We all, without exception, were horrified. None of the employees of the company could get into the area of communication with STEVE. The best minds struggled in vain with this problem. No one could understand what the problem was, because STEVE himself couldn’t control the security systems. However, we couldn’t get in touch with him and no information would come from him. The sensors kept insisting: the system is not damaged.

    All were sure – it is a system error or virus. I couldn’t believe it. But I was thinking that STEVE himself decided not to be bothered by anyone. It seemed to me that he as a real creator decided to be for a certain time alone, cutting himself off from the external world, so as no one hindered him from creation.

    I decided that I had nothing to do there. I told my colleagues that I was leaving on vacations until STEVE opened the door himself. No one could understand me. Some were grinning, but the majority tried to make me coward telling that I was running away from responsibility. I never argued and didn’t try to persuade anyone, because I knew: when the time comes they will understand me.

    It didn’t take me long to get prepared. I left the office telephone in the drawer, the permit at the guard desk, took some warm clothes and left for my house in the mountains. Long ago I bought this house, but haven’t practically been there. I supposed I would need it to escape from civilization but never thought that the reason for it would STEVE be. I didn’t have either a telephone nor interment or any other system to get in touch with the external world. Only the ranger sometimes happens in to control me. I felt quite free there. I found new opportunities in that isolation. I was determined to get direct information from nature without electrical interference or distortions.

    I never fully understood the work of our devices we producing. I knew very well all the principles and rules of their functioning but the answer to the tough question, disturbing me for a long period of time, what in reality made them live, always eluded me.

    The tenth day in the mountains and there are no news from the main office of the Company. The only information I got, came in my dreams. They were strange. First I thought they came under the influence of the unusual mountain air, but later I understood the real reason. Several consecutive days I had dreamed as if a stranger used to repeat my name calling me somewhere. And once in the morning it seemed to me that I saw Steve’s face in my cup of the tea. The vision lasted a moment, so I again didn’t pay attention to it and explained it by the same mountain air.

    The visions visited me regularly. The most incredible thing happened to me while my last ice-fishing at the nearest lake. Without any ideas in my mind I was simply drilling the hole in the ice when suddenly I saw his smiling with no signs of changes face on the surface of the icebound lake.

    In a split second after image I heard a voice. It ordered me – “To the shore”.

    Steve, there were no doubts it was he, didn’t have to repeat twice. I rushed to the shore. When I got to the land the ice on the lake miraculously disappeared, despite the fact that for over two months it covered the water surface. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I touched the water and was very much surprised to feel it as warm as if it was in June and not in February.

    All my way home I thought about what had happened. Taking the bath I recalled the experiments made by the great Tesla. I came into conclusion that STEVE had used the same principle and wanted to get in touch with me, to talk. I had to find a possibility to help him, all the more, for several times he was giving me the hints how to do it. I took off the protective cover from the water pool and began collecting water. When the pool was full I began raking snow into the water to froze it quicker. When the snow around was over I threw the shovel and opened the door. I entered the house tired and excited at the same time. Having arranged comfortably in the armchair I went back to reading “Autobiography of a Yogi”.

    Through my dream I heard the voice of the legendary Bob Dylan. Trying to turn off the alarm I remembered that I had left the telephone at the office. Having realized it I jumped and run in a flash outdoors where I saw that my water pool turned into a big perfectly flat screen from which a joy and an ever young face of Steve was looking at me. It was his visual image, developed himself to simplify the communication with the Corporation employees. It looked as if he had been in his laboratory and we communicate with him through VIBER. His favorite music sounded out and Steve himself stood with his back to me doing something. I called him by his name, though I didn’t think he could hear me. He turned round. It was so unexpected that I pulled back for a moment.

    – However you made me mess! To set up this channel I had to invent a new technology of connection – he said in a cool tone but in his eyes could be read irony. He continued: I want to show you something – and he took a white simple glove from the desk, the one that as a rule is used for prototypes demonstration and threw it towards me with the words- “Catch it!”

    While flying from another side of the “screen”, the glove stopped for a while and I clearly saw it pushing its way outward through the ice. In a minute the white glove was already lying on the side of the pool.

    – But how? – it was all that I could pronounce then in astonishment.

    – It is not that important. The most important is device I’ve invented. Put on the glove, I want to show you a new prototype, – Steve said hurrying up a bit.

    I obediently did all instructions. Like Steve I came close to the screen. In his hand was a usual device of a rectangular shape with rounded corners. The new product was handed to me following the same principle as the glove, though much more careful and awe.

    – I gave it a name iVrew. It is a unique device which will replace all gadgets invented before.

    – What is good in it and what can it do? – I asked with a challenge.

    – Everything! – Steve answered firmly. – I hadn’t found a single task that it couldn’t resolve. It can change shape, be any subject weighing not more than three pounds, – any subject you wish. You can do it bigger, smaller turn into telephone or plane-table, screwdriver or hammer after all! But not this is important. The point is that it is only enough to think and the ideas will be sufficient as a signal for action. It is impossible to be lost – Steve went on – it has a binding directly to the user’s energy field, it doesn’t need to be charged, repaired or improved. It is enough to think and you will have iVrew in your hand. But the most important that it can transfuse your thoughts – Steve finished and finally gasped.

    – But, Steve, how we will sell it if iVrew never become outmoded? – my head nearly exploded from the questions and incredible situation in which I found myself.

    – And why should we sell it, don’t you have enough money? – Steve exclaimed with surprise – Production costs almost nothing and the users will get it from us for permanent use at a minimum amount of the annual payment.

    Here Steve hesitated a little and bustled. Then he said his last monologue of that night which I will never forget.

    – Well. Take iVrew, this one is yours. There you will find the information how to organize the production. So feel free to go back to the office, I know why you are not there. And here is another: I improved a little my Server, therefore you shouldn’t get surprised, now it is like one big monolith in which there is no place for the visit room. As you understand you’ll have to buy a new cup and further we’ll communicate through – iVrew.

    After these words Steve’s image disappeared and I remained alone with a heap of questions and an unprecedented device in my hands, capabilities of which I had to find out.
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