in ."host" I can leave with the same permissions as the Lion came installed..

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    Apr 29, 2011
    HI ! :) this is my first post from my long-awaited iMac

    Since I am obsessive about operating systems I hope you have done the right thing haha.

    Here my 1st question for macosx Lion.

    I Change the permissions of the host to edit and block certain sites as is shown here

    Everything went well but then wanted to leave the permissions on the folder "etc" and the file "host" as it came to me installed.

    In the folder "etc" I can leave with the same permissions as the Lion came installed

    System:read and write
    Wheel: only write
    Everyone : only write

    instead if the file "host" like the screen capture (in spanish) I could not leave it as it came to me installed.


    "My name (I)" read and write (previously SYSTEM appeared), I do not know how to change it? will not let me remove "my name (I)" and add SYSTEM

    Wheel disappeared , and now appears Staff

    Everyone, only read and write

    Here I show as the Lion came installed (in spanish)


    System : read and write
    wheel : Only Read
    Everyone: Only Read

    As a precaution I had copied the ". host" original file to the desktop but is = changed the permissions without touching anything ?

    Change or copy whenever a file is modified in this way? and how I can re-let the permissions as before?

    Thanks and sorry my English :D
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    I'd not touch the permissions of any OS delivered file, or directory. Why not instead edit the host file so that it does not go to the sites you want to block, or even a better idea is to use the parental controls and use that for access rights on web sites.
  3. sonico7 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Apr 29, 2011
    okay, is another option but now I have this doubt and want help

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