In my opinion it makes sense to always go for the 'main' versions of the iPhone

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by shenfrey, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. shenfrey macrumors 68000

    May 23, 2010
    Because - from what has been seen so far - the S versions always seem to be incremental, with a faster processor and an improved camera with maybe a new feature, as last years was Siri.

    But the reason why I think its easier always going for the main versions is because by the time the next number is released - iPhone 6 in this case- you will be ready up upgrade from your previous 24 month contract. The next numbers tend to always be the bigger upgrades as well.

    Anyone else agree with me on this, or share a different opinion? Let me know, I enjoy hearing other point of views : )
  2. lelisa13p macrumors 68000


    Mar 6, 2009
    Atlanta, GA USA
    You can buy now and enjoy the next 2 years with a great iPhone or wait around for the next release and be bound by that contract period. Your choice. My son and I are on staggered contracts so that one or the other of us qualifies for an upgrade every year, if we wish. :) We went from 3GS to 4 to 5; I pass down the previous model to him.
  3. Zwhaler macrumors 604


    Jun 10, 2006
    It doesn't make more sense... what makes more sense is to get the best version available at the time of your contract expiration regardless of whether or not it's a # or #S version.
  4. Nothlit macrumors regular

    Sep 14, 2009
    I kind of like sticking with the 'S' versions. You get the benefit of a year's worth of cases, docks, and other accessories already being manufactured for it. If you upgrade to the new form factor as soon as it comes out, you'll be stuck with fewer options for those accessories, having to get by for a few weeks or a few months without them.
  5. SunnyRenegade33 macrumors member

    Nov 16, 2012
    Siri was the main reason that I decided to get a 4S. Siri was a pretty big feature that was added on, despite the fact that she was in beta.

    I don't update/upgrade phones due to incremental, minuscule changes to things like processing speed, web browsing speed, camera etc. - mainly because my iPhone is only used for talking, texting, brief internet web browsing and application platform (along with iPad 4)

    I have a professional Canon camera, so camera/megapixel upgrades aren't that important to me. I own an iPod so large amounts of space isn't terrible important to me on my iPhone, either. Since I have a main desktop (family desktop) and a main laptop (17 inch Gateway) at home, I don't stress too much about processing speed and performance. Again, I think of my iPhone as a phone with computer capabilities - NOT a computer with phone capabilities. Screen size is also not that important to me since I have an iPad 4.
  6. JayLenochiniMac macrumors G5

    Nov 7, 2007
    New Sanfrakota
    Not always. The jump from original iPhone to 3G added only 3G speed, A-GPS and a new design. In contrast, the 3GS added 8 new features/improvements over the 3G as follows:

    Faster processor/more memory
    Improved battery life
    Better camera, with autofocus and tap to focus
    Oleophobic coating
    Voice Control
    HSDPA implementation (allows faster download speed)
  7. takeshi74 macrumors 601

    Feb 9, 2011
    ^ This.

    I'm currently using a 4S. Whether I go to a 5 or a 5S it's an upgrade either way. The 5S would be a bigger upgrade (even if only slightly more so).

    Don't just assume that your situation is universal. Not everyone's contract expires around the launch of a "main version".

    How is it easier?
  8. Nyy8 macrumors 6502a


    Jun 12, 2011
    New England
    I see where the OP is coming from, I only upgrade from "Main" versions of the iPhone too.. I had a 4, now a 5, and I don't want the 5S even though I will have an upgrade by that point, since well my A6 is fast enough for me. (I stole my mom's upgrade for the iP5 :p )
  9. Steevie macrumors regular

    Nov 27, 2012
    I was doing annual uogrades but after the 4S i decided it wasnt worth it anymore. So i'll be sticking to "main" upgrades as well.
  10. Mrbobb macrumors 601

    Aug 27, 2012
    Alright, lets get our geek-speak straight, we are talking MAJOR REVISIONS.

    I have a different opinion. I never buy 2.0, 3.0 etc. I always buy 2.1, 2.2 etc I can't confirm this but I believe a Major Revision GOT to have bugs, and they iron out the kinks with 2.1, 2.2 etc. so yeah you are not getting more exciting, bragging features but, my stupid brain says, I am getting something more stable and optimized.

    Not even touching the contract part.
  11. davidinva macrumors 6502a

    Mar 29, 2009
    Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, USA
    Reminds me of the days when lots of people would not buy a new car produced in an odd-numbered year. Only even numbered ones. Idea was that the odd year cars were experimental and it took a year to work the bugs out. Off topic, but random thought occur to me often.
  12. kre62 macrumors 68020

    Jul 12, 2010
    Wrong. It makes sense to go with the phone that has a next gen chip in it.

    For example, you consider the 4 a "main" iphone, but in reality it used 3GS chips. The 4 was a 3GS with some fingernail polish. Not even a new coat of paint. So the 4 was definitely a bad choice, and was a very small incrememntal upgrade.

    Other example: the 3G has the same chips as the original iphone. So that was a bad upgrade too.

    The 4S had a next gen chip, and made sense.

    The 5 surprised us by also having a next gen chip. The one makes sense too.

    If the 5S has the same chips, but has other features, it'll be a bad upgrade. If it has a next gen architechture chip, good deal.

    See how easy?
  13. RenoG macrumors 65816

    Oct 7, 2010
    Yeah if you give a rats crack about chips.. I personally care less about the phone nowa days and more so about the ios. I personally have not yet upgraded my 3yr old contract, not because of the phone itself but because of the lackluster ios6 i.e. youtube and maps.
  14. Trius macrumors 6502a


    Aug 7, 2008
    Not everyone's upgrade falls on the "main" phone revision. I see your point, but I would think the "S" version would be a more logical choice considering a years worth of accessories and bug fixes. Remember Antennagate?
  15. kre62 macrumors 68020

    Jul 12, 2010
    Guess what good chips gets you?

    More versions of iOS. Greater lifespan. More future proof.

    Think, damn it people, think.
  16. Mliii macrumors 65816


    Jan 28, 2006
    Southern California
    I understand where you are coming from OP, but my recent situation may give you a different take.
    I had the iPhone 3, skipped the 3s and an iPhone 4 and intended to skip the 4s.
    But my 4 died a premature death and the only option I had to get the capacity I wanted at the time was to upgrade to the 4s.
    I have to say that the speed improvements between the 4 and 4s were notable. Combining that with the added features AND the fact that it seemed some of the original negative issues associated with the 4 were missing from the 4s makes me think I may stick with the 's' version for future iPhones- obviously depending upon features, etc.
  17. yinz macrumors 6502a

    Apr 12, 2012
    S phones are refined, relatively problem free because of older external hardware.

    # phones are old phones in a new coat of paint. Always get the S = )

    5S will have scuff problem resolved.. hopefully. If not, buy white.

    I think it would be hard to agree with you here due to hindsight bias. iPhone 4 had a year and a half run. I think that is well worth buying..
  18. GalvaJ macrumors regular


    Oct 28, 2011
    S Versions

    I like the S versions rather than the newly designed originals.

    When you redesign something their will be kinks and bugs. For example, the 5 has the scratching problem with the black version. Its possible that they'll fix that in the next revision.

    Also, the S versions always bring what I think are larger speed improvements and I'm hopeful for a big upgrade in battery life since iPhone's have been slacking in that area lately.

    I have a 4S now and it's harder to resist the 5 not only due to the new design, but because of the larger screen that I would love to have.

    I'll be holding out for the next version though.
  19. Eckscaliber macrumors 6502a


    May 30, 2012
    I actually prefer the "S" versions. For the following reasons...

    1) Slight design improvements that fix the "main versions" issues.
    2) Faster/better internals.
    3) By the time the "S" version is released, there will be countless accessory options from launch.

    However I do like getting the "main version" due to the design change. It's win, lose, situation.
  20. Mrbobb macrumors 601

    Aug 27, 2012
    Am with u brotha.

    Right now, the Foxconn kids are an unhappy bunch working overtime to ship as many units as they can for the holiday season. They have no time to spend on Quality Control. You are impatience, you want to be the king of block to be the first one to have a 5... u flip the dice.

    Me, I wait for 5s.

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