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Jul 19, 2009
So here's the setup I've currently settled in with for the time being. I bought the Zagg glass protector on launch day from Best Buy after picking my phone up from Apple. I also have one on my wife's 6. Despite all of the negative reviews around here about it, I'm actually quite satisfied with the fitment and overall quality of the Zagg protector. I installed it as perfectly as I could. It doesn't smudge as easily as the iPhone screen does. It's relatively inexpensive, especially if you consider future replacements are FREE. No, it doesn't go edge to edge on the screen. If you thought a flat glass screen protector would some how cover the curved edges of the phone screen, you have unrealistic expectations.

I originally purchased a cheap $15 case from Best Buy just to tide me over until I could order one I wanted. Current case just came in the mail today, Incipio DualPro Shine in gunmetal. The case is about what I expected. It offers a good deal of protection from drops. It comes up over the face plenty enough to protect the screen itself if dropped on its face. Everything fits the phone perfectly and buttons work as expected. The brushed finish is a nice touch although I wish the gunmetal was a little bit darker. I do have my doubts about how long the finish will hold up to everyday use and I'm sure drops will chip it pretty heavily. The case is a little bulkier than I'd like but I haven't really found anything else I really like that is slimmer.

I typically replace my cases every month or two as new stuff comes out before settling on something. Once the Spigen Neo Hybrid Metal in red comes off back-order, I'll probably give that case a try next but I doubt it will offer the protection that the DualPro does.

Pictures taken with my wife's iPhone 6:






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Oct 25, 2009
How's the case so far? Ordered one in gold for my plus. Currently have the regular Spigen screen protector installed, but thinking of changing it since the cut out is too narrowl
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