Incipio NGP vs. Otterbox Reflex vs. Speck Candyhshell


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Jan 22, 2012

I'm currently trying to decide which one of these 3 cases I should get first for my new iPhone 4 and therefore which one I should use as an everyday case.
I'm just going to list some pros and cons and hope for responses on what you think which case is the best

Incipio NGP:


- Pretty cheap
- Rather good protection
- Looks good (IMO)


Doesn't really have any, does it? (I mean the protection might not be as good as the defender but oh well)

Otterbox Reflex:


- Looks awesome!
- Very good protection (From what I've heard ... hoping for your opionions)
- Easy to dock because of the two-piece design


- I heard the headphone jack cutout is to small for anything but the apple earphones, is that true?
- Multiple reviewers said, that the case can be lose at times

Speck Candyshell:


- Looks very good
- Very good protection


- Scratches easily
- Is the headphone jack cutout big enough?
- I heard that it breaks pretty easy right over the dock connector, is that true?

So I'm hoping for responses from people that have one or multiple of the case(s) and I'd also like to know, which case you have (if you have a different one and think it's better, please tell me) and why

Thanks in advance


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Jul 22, 2008
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I love the NGP. I have dropped my phone about ten times. Concrete, tile and wood floors. Not a mark on the phone or case. It also does not stretch out at all which otterbox cases are notorious for. I'm not a big fan of speck cases because there isn't much bezel protection on the face. It's just my opinion but I'd go ngp.


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Aug 29, 2010
I really like the NGP, too. No cons that i can think of. The candyshell does scratch VERY easily, and the flaking rubber issue drive me bonkers. It also tends to crack if you take it on and off a few times.

Haven't tried the Reflex, but hated the Commuter.


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Dec 30, 2011
I had the NGP for my iphone and the Speck case for my ipod touch. The incipio case was nice and offers great protection. I dropped on hard pavement and it even took a tumble down the stairs. My phone was perfectly fine and the case only suffered from minor scratches (barely noticeable). The Speck case does look appealing but that little rubber part on the end tends to break off easily. I had to crazy glue it back on several times.


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May 1, 2009
Go with NGP

I have the NGP in translucent Mercury. I think it is the best case among the three, at any price point, but it is especially nice since it is the least expensive. I have taken it off more than daily, without any stretching of the case. I consider the ease of a case removal important, since I do use other cases (and case battery pack (Mophie)) or use the phone naked.

The full flexible TPU design of the NGP offers the best shock resistance. Hard shells are tough, but don't offer much shock cushion when the phone is dropped: you want to protect the inside of the phone as well as the outside.

I also think the other function of a case is to solve the problems of a naked phone: 1) increase grip so you don't drop the phone in the first place, 2) the case doesn't show scratches or fingerprints itself. Also it shouldn't drag when taking out of a pocket, or cause screen protectors to bubble.

The NGP is great at addressing all these functions.

I use mostly Apple earphones, but also have Bose full headphones (from apple store) with the normal 1/8 plug. Fits fine. Bigger phone jacks will have problems.

Regarding your last question, I recently switched to the Magpul Executive Field case. At $9.95 it also gives all of the above, plus is slimmer and leaves open the front screen, i.e. it has a raised lip, not an overlapping lip that covers the front screen. I like the less bulky look better, and feel that the raise lip gives good protection for a drop, as the NGP. See reviews here


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Aug 9, 2011
I used the NGP for a couple months and liked it but recently switched to the Belkin Essential 050 Case.
The Belkin is by far my favorite.
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