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    Link: Increase your iPhone typing speed by learning how to MISspell properly
    Description:: The iPhone’s auto-correct is pretty smart, but the one thing it has trouble with are contractions. This is because if you want to type a word like “we’ll”, the iPhone will think you meant to type “well” which is a perfectly legitimate word. Same thing with “we’re” and “were”, “he’ll” and “hell” and so on. But there’s a trick to fooling the auto correct into recognizing that you are typing a contraction instead of another recognizable word.

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    The iPhone does so much automatic capitalization, punctuation, and spelling correction that I find myself wishing my desktop keyboard were half as smart! It annoys me now to type on my Mac and have to fix my OWN typos :p

    And what they say about "just barge ahead" and type inaccurately, letting the phone do the work, is true--I can go REALLY fast if I force myself not to pay too much attention to my own typos. I'm amazed when I make a huge mess of my typing and the phone has the sentence perfectly.

    I'll be even faster when I get in the habit of hitting Space as soon as the phone guesses the word--so I don't even have to type the end of the word at all. And when I get in the habit of hitting space after typing a number (which auto-switches back to alpha mode, saving a step). And then I get in the habit of hitting space twice at the end of my last sentence (in a post, email, or IM), so I get the same auto-period as with any other sentence.

    Most surprising to me, as a new iPhone user: I like the smaller keyboard better than the landscape keyboard. (Maybe I just got used to it so change is a problem.)

    Tip: to make a correction, don't bother holding down the "lens." Just tap near the end of the word, or between words. The cursor will snap to the end (or start) of the word. I wish my mouse did that! (How often do you want to click the middle of a word, compared to how often you want to click between words?)
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    Nice tip, I never realised I could do this.. and it was annoying me slightly, typing words such as "he'll" and getting "hell" instead.

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    The auto-"correct" annoys me sometimes, and after an incident I had yesterday I now suspect that it's downright malicious. I typed something along the lines of "anyway i'll talk to you soon, i'll be on my msn" and it changed it to "i'll be on my man" :eek:

    You can imagine where the conversation went from there :rolleyes:
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    Aha! "Was my phone that changed it, honest!"
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    Yeah they really need to fix that. Talking about msn is the worst.
    In fact a friend of mine sent a message; Get on msn for a sec.
    But the iphone sent; Get on man for sex.

    Again, the conversation progressed rather quickly.

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