Industries that fail to innovate, or fail to be consumer friendly

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    I believe this is the right board for it, because of recent news in the media, bailouts, etc. Also because this particular section of MR gets a lot of traffic, and it is an off-topic section, another reason to post it here. If this is the wrong board, Mods, please move to the right section.

    Anyways, below are only my opinion on what certain industries are doing wrong. These really bug me, and probably will always bug me until something gets done about it. This is just a rant, if you do not have anything nice or constructive to say, please do not say it at all. I just want to see what others think about this however.

    The CAR industry
    They are always the last to get features that many other foreign car manufacturers get first. iPod integration and the like I have noticed went to foreign cars before they were mainstream on American cars. This is only based upon personal observation. New technologies were always largely being ignored, and instead they rather reshape cars from the past and call it the "NEW 2009/2010" Model! Same principle from 1960s though, Turn the key, engine starts, combustible engine still present. DVD based nav is a joke, and map updates are not worth $300. I can just buy a whole new GPS for that price.

    The cell phone industry
    Up until the Apple iPhone, they were pretty much in the same boat as the car industry, reshaping phones into different shapes, and then selling it off as new models. Thank you iPhone! Smartphones existed, but they were hard to use, and had numerous issues. Windows Mobile had and still has a task manager, that isn't even easy to get to. However, look at the trend we are seeing with this, since the iPhone came out, the others still fail to innovate, instead they insist of copying the iPhone.

    This one is a huge one, Look at the processor speed of a new Nintendo DS, PSP, or the Wii. Is there any reason my iPhone has a faster processor than these when these are supposed to provide an excellent gaming experience? The gaming industry, up until the recent years, have been spewing out nothing but proprietary crap, right down to the fact that you can't even plug in regular RCA cables into the back of a PS2. Thank god for HDMI, because now after many eons, we are finally starting to see the actual connector on the back of the console, rather than some proprietary crap.

    The computer industry
    Known to innovate A LOT, but to me, I do not see much happening. Even Apple seems to be toning down the new features a bit.

    Educational institutions
    Is there a reason why most schools, you can't look at your child's grades online? A few school districts in my area are doing it, but the system is so unreliable, and a joke, you are lucky if you can even log in. IT administrators of these schools barely even know how to keep their Macs/PCs updated with the free update software. Software seems to be in "testing" for MONTHS to a YEAR before being deployed on network computers. Nothing is "mission critical" about student computers, IMO, so there is no reason why this software could have not been deployed earlier.

    GOOD EXAMPLE: A local high school here bought brand new computers with licenses for the latest OS, Vista, it comes with Vista Business, but instead they downgrade it not to XP, but to Windows 98! Because there were no new drivers for the Video card, they were stuck at 800x600 resolution. They basically jury-rigged this setup to make it work with 98. This is inexcusable....I notice this a lot in educational institutions, making dumb decisions such as this.

    State laws
    Go through a dumb laws book, and I was able to crosscheck with real laws, and these laws actually exist. No one bothered to purge these old laws? Women can't wear jeans on Wednesdays? You kidding me?

    The Government
    Not even going to say much about this one, but because the politics involved, any progress made will be the smallest step possible!

    Just look at whats going on. Forcing physical media, and going against digital legalized downloads. If they have a download available, it is DRMd to all hell, only fighting against people who legally purchased the item to begin with. Suing a woman for millions of dollars to download 24 songs. Greed is heavily present. Digital downloads that come packed with DVDs don't even work with the Macs, because of stupid DRM.
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    well first off I will point a out a few things wrong with what you pointed out.

    The American car industry is not the last to get lots of basic tech in the car. The last is tends to be 2 companies from Japan that go by Honda and Toyta. Honda still has no iPod integration. Honda was one of the last companies to dump the timing belt and last to dump drum brakes. Honda is amoung the last to put basic things like gas mileage and out side temp on the cars. All in all American companies tend to lead the pack.

    Cell phones, the iPhone did not change the game. At the point in time the iPhone came about smart phones were just starting to take off to the general public. Apple just happen to have a good time. If you look at the cell phone industry it is very young compared to even computers. They kept making the phone smaller and smaller then they got to small. They found a happy medium.

    That is just 2 of the things I have pick apart. I am a little lazy to go threw most of it but shortly to say it is just full of ranting with little understanding the the needs or requirements for each one. That and clearly with a unhealthy dose of Apple Fanboyism.
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    GM still uses the timing chain. Why? Because they are more durable then the belts. Rather take a bit of engine noise over changing the timing belt at 100K.
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    Rodimus Prime

    Oct 9, 2006
    damn it I got that backwards. that what I get for trying to type after moving all the stuff out of my apartment.

    I meant honda took forever to switch from Time belts to time chains. I edit the original post to correct what I meant.

    I had it the other way around. Honda hand timebelts on there I-4 accords though at least 2001. The timing belts are supposed to be replaced every 60k miles at around 500 a pop. Compared to a timing chain that never needs to be replaced.

    This will be compared to I know Nissain that was using timing chains on there I4 by 1991. That should say a lot right there
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    In the US healthcare definitely counts - due to its extreme costs.
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    Cable & Satellite tv providers , what I must buy a package of 100 channels just to watch the 3 or 4 I enjoy? This is a big scam. We should be able to pick the channels we want not have crap channels forced on us.:mad:
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    Having bent wrenches for almost sixty years, I'll weigh in on the car thing. I tend to look at a car from the standpoiint of a mechanic. And, I'm very dollar conscious.

    Most of the post-1950 innovations add complexity, which gets away from the KISS principle, and raise both the purchase and the maintenance costs. They may well be convenient, of course, but they do little from the standpoint of going from Point A to Point B.

    Electric circuits are generally the first things to fail: Power windows, power seats, power door locks. And the more elaborate sound systems.

    Multiple belts are better than the single, sinuous belt. If a sinuous belt breaks, you're shut down. In the old days, only the belt driving the water pump was a necessity. Power steering, A/C, and alternator belts weren't an absolute must for the final few miles to home or a repair shop. (Back when women wore nylon stockings, one of those would serve as an emergency fix.)

    Round headlights cost $8 or $10 if a stone breaks one. This modern stuff which is fancified dealer-only can easily cost over $100.

    Some innovations are flat-out annoying: Seat-belt warning lights and buzzers. Clutch-actuated starting circuit. Door-buzzers. Tire-pressure warning system to beep at you--and have the sending unit break if the ham-handed tire repair guy doesn't do it exactly right.

    And a TV camera in the tailgate, putting a little picture on the rear-view mirror of what's at your trailer hitch? Sheesh!

    But ideas about what's good keep changing. In the early '50s, Chevy used a fiber gear on the cam. Then came steel gears and timing chain. After that, to reduce noise, they went to a nylon gear on the cam, which didn't last much past 50K miles--and halfway-smart folks replaced those with steel gears.

    At least motors are better, now. No more mandatory valve jobs at 40K miles, rings and bearings at 70K. Oil consumption is a fourth or better than in days of yore, and spark plugs last beyond 10K miles.

    If they could just tighten up the loose nut behind the wheel...

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    So now we have Apple slowly releasing new features to the iPhone and Palm trying to climb out of the ashes by releasing a new mobile OS to rave reviews.

    Gaming is about, well, games, not specs listed on a sheet of paper. And do you really want console makers to hold back technology so they can have yearly spec bumps forcing people to upgrade if they want a completely functional console? "Oh, I'm sorry. You'll need to buy a new PS3 to play God of War 3 as the first gen PS3 you bought for $600 at launch doesn't have the newest hardware." Yeah, *that* would go over well. Feature trickle is not the same thing as innovation.

    Ah, the double-edged sword of success. Crank out too many home runs and people will start calling anything less failure.

    Legal online distribution methods account for about 1% of the revenue a movies generate for the movie studios. When that number grows to something worthwhile you'll see more interest from the studios.

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    It may not be about the specs, but when they release a totally new platform, it does not make any sense to me to put a 66Mhz processor into something that you know will tax the processor, and improve the gaming experience. Keep in mind, when inventing a totally new platform, not upgrading existing ones. For the price I am paying, an iPod touch and iPhone has faster processors!
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    Just because it doesn't make sense to you doesn't mean it's a poor decision. Lots of people said it didn't make sense for the Wii to be an SD system that couldn't even play DVDs. The PS3 and the 360 are both proof that bigger hardware doesn't necessarily make a better gaming experience. Lots of people said the PSP, w/it's better specs, better gfx, and better multimedia capability would kick the snot out of the DS. That obviously didn't happen.

    Given unlimited resources would Nintendo have built a console w/similar hardware to the PS3 or 360? IMO, sure, but there is only so much time and money for R&D and Nintnedo chose to focus more on game interaction (touch screen on the DS and motion control on the Wii) than on hardware.

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    My Honda has iPhone/iPod integration.
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    Lots of cars still have drum brakes in the back, including some Hondas (Civic DX and LX, Fit). Subaru still uses timing belts on their 4 cylinder engines, Mitsubishi used a belt in the Evo until the Evo X.
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    As far as I am concerned the PC gaming industry is being killed by the constant boosting of hardware.

    If I were part of the game industry I would attempt to force a preformance standardization (All games must run at medium settings on normal home computers for X years).

    As is the only people who buy PC games in bulk are techy gamers who also have the technical know how to steal games.

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