Infiniti - Anyone know them?

Discussion in 'Community' started by sethypoo, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. sethypoo macrumors 68000

    Oct 8, 2003
    Sacramento, CA, USA
    I'm looking at buying a Canon digital camera from They seem like a reputable store, but I'm curious to know if anyone here has shopped with them or is familiar with them.

    Thank you!
  2. sarae macrumors 6502

    Jul 14, 2004
    madison, WI

    I would be wary - a quick search on resellerratings has no ratings for them, yet they claim to be in business since '01. ( ) I've also heard other places, namely the forums at, that internet stores based in Brooklyn tend to be scams - I don't know why, but a quick search on that site will show lots of people warning caution.

    Check resellerratings and pricegrabber for pricing/store ratings. If the infiniti price is a lot cheaper.. it's a ripoff.
  3. sethypoo thread starter macrumors 68000

    Oct 8, 2003
    Sacramento, CA, USA
    Thank you for the heads up. These people are scammers, I was getting that feeling just looking at their site.
  4. SFVCyclone macrumors 6502a

    Feb 24, 2005
    Pasadena, Ca
    never heard of them, if you have a that feeling just dont even bother shopping with them.
  5. Stephen_B macrumors newbie

    Mar 22, 2005
    Don't forget

    On reseller ratings, these guys get a zero mark for being scammers.

    I looked up the same camera using froogle and sorted by price. Starting at the bottom and working my way up, all of these people were scam artists until you got to newegg. Most often these people would use the bait and switch technique, luring you in with low prices on the body alone and then hard sell you overpriced low quality accessories. If you order just the body via the web, you would get the infamous call us for verification email, and when you call them the hard sell starts. The law really should go after these people.

    The lowest most honest dealer is, from my experience. And there a 20D will cost $1,438.95 with free shipping.

  6. bousozoku Moderator emeritus

    Jun 25, 2002
    Gone but not forgotten.
    Do not deal with those people. I've read plenty on them.

    They have taken money from customers and never delivered anything. Once you place an order, you rarely are able to get someone on the line. They also go by Broadway Photo and Infinity/Infiniti Computers.
  7. Chip NoVaMac macrumors G3

    Chip NoVaMac

    Dec 25, 2003
    Northern Virginia
    Maybe I have a bit of a bias, working for a local camera dealer. Add to that one in a major metro area. But it should say something when you seem more than a few dollars difference. And when you do, you should be honest with your local dealer and see how close they can come.

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