Info on Copland OS


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Nov 30, 2001
Does anybody know of a good website that discusses Copland (OS 8, before OS 8). I'm trying to look into Copland for nostalgic reasons, in addition to an article I'm writing...


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Jun 7, 2001
I don't if you could ever get a copy of Copland unless it was from a friend. I bet the NDAs from the Copland project are still in place. I would like to see Copland myself. Well, actually I'd like to see every failed Mac OS and I'd also like to see any x86 version of the Mac OS. I imagine if you're in a Macintosh User Group someone there will prolly have a copy of it. I doubt you could ever buy it off ebay. Apple legal will stop that auction pretty fast. I can tell you a little bit about the history of Copland that I know. Copland started off with a BANG. Everyone was excited by what they wanted to with it. Protected memory, stable OS and applications, complete backwards compatibility with programs and a new GUI. Well the programmers at Apple started getting lazy. The Copland development just plain stopped. So no one was programming, no was debugging, no was doing anything at all. So the time came when Apple had to put out a new OS. They had a half-ass OS and then they had OS 7.5. So they quickly put the two together. They gave up on most of the original hopes for Copland but they did keep the GUI. So OS 8 is the hybrid of OS 7.5 and Copland. I hope this helped some.
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