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Input to interact for iPad and iOS apps on november's arm macs? New Trackpad, touch screen with apple pencil, or something new


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Jan 18, 2008
This has been discussed but I'm curious what everyone thinks. True you can use a mouse pointer to "use" iPad apps and iOS apps but it won't be as good without a touch screen or apple pencil. Apple's gotta at least have a touch screen on a 13 inch macbook pro or 12 inch macbook.

I'm also betting there's a big sur internal build on these macs that will work with a touch screen or new trackpad and apple pencil for the ui/ux.


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Mar 27, 2011
We could possibly get a new Pencil-supporting trackpad across lines (+ external), although with Sidecar I'm just going to assume that'll be the solution for a while. Touchscreens I'm a bit less convinced than most, simply because of most of the rumours claiming they'll have the same bodies.
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