Inside the First Intel-Based Mac

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    Link: Inside the First Intel-Based Mac
    Description:: The 20-inch new iMac combines a dual-core Intel Core Duo processor with the Mac OS X experience. Casual Mac users, switchers from Microsoft Windows, and iPod aficionados will love the new iMac; however, professionals and people who use graphics apps such as Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro should hold off until the critical app is updated to work smoothly with the Intel processor. For these people, we recommend holding on to your current G5-powered Mac. However, there are some improved features, such as Front Row, which is now a totally natural user interface and has less of the irksome pauses in the last iMac G5.

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    cons - no classic support...

    classic was sooooo 2001.
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    Not a bad review, hardly any cons, I think they like it :D

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