Installed 3.0 on my Jailbroke iPhone and guess what happened....

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Paratel, Jun 17, 2009.

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    I installed the 3.0 software on my jailbroken iphone and I didn't revert it back to before it was jailbroken. Everything went fine however, I had downloaded a program from cydia in order to change my carrier name from AT&T to whatever I wanted (changed it to my yet to be born son's name Jackson) After the ugrade to 3.0 it apparently kept the carrier info (see photo) I wonder how this is going to affect me? the phone works like a charm, much faster than when it was jailbroken of course. Anyone else have these issues?

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    You'll have to wait for the 3.0 jailbreak to get rid of it, until then it will say Jackson.
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    the program changed a plist file somewhere to read "Jackson" instead of AT&T. The file clearly wasn't affected by the 3.0 upgrade. Should have no effect on anything else.

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