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    Mar 7, 2003
    Hody all,
    i m trying to install Classic support under 10.3 Panther. Unfortunatly I haven't got a clue on how to do that. I bought Panther, and checked all of the cd s. thought I can't find an installer for the Classic support at all. There are however somethimes some things I need classic for. Any idea on how I can get it installed ?

    I found classic on the jaguar restore cd, which i got with my imac.
    unfortunatly it is in french or german. I do need it in english...
    anybody ?
  2. Horrortaxi macrumors 68020


    Jul 6, 2003
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    It's on the software restore disks that came with your computer.
  3. wavecrest macrumors newbie

    Nov 19, 2003
    Reading, UK
    installing Classic

    I had the same problem/need for Classic both to run some old s/w that has no OSX version and to install the originals that would let me run OSX-based updates.
    I used the 'Software install and restore' disk from a version of 10.2 (10.2.7 in this case). The option to reinstall Classic worked a treat and everything is now running fine. (on't understand the language question: the only language choice in the 'reinstall' disk for is the language of the licence. I guess the programme will automatically select the base language used for the main - existing - OS10.3 installation?)
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    Mar 7, 2003
    Re: installing Classic

    You see, the problem is that I m living in Luxembourg, and that the PC's overhere are sold with as well an french as a german install disc. For Os X it is no problem, as the os is multi-language by default. But the Resore-dvds i got have either the french or the german classic. Thought that isn't a problem from the point of view of understanding it all, I don't like operating systems in another language than english. But well. Now I don't really know on how to install an english version. resp where to get it from. As when I went to a local store, they told me they couldn't sell os9 anymore, as they don't have it. And an english-restore-dvd can't be given away without a machine...
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    May 28, 2002
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    Re: Re: installing Classic

    Mac OS 9 is no longer included with the retail version of Mac OS X (this started with Jaguar). However, you can get it for $20 if you bought the retail version of Panther, by downloading this order form, which is found on the Mac OS X upgrade webpage.
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    Jul 23, 2002
    Fuquay Varina, NC
    Re: installing Classic

    Wavecrest, Just wanted to thank you for this post, it was very helpful.

    I tried to install Classic after Panther via 9.2.1 CD and it didn't like that much (HFS+ is why, I think) and then I saw your post about using the Software Restore CD (from 10.2)...ingenious and perfect.

    If anyone else happens to read this, make sure you use the Software Restore CD and NOT the System Software CD. My powermac came with both and I almost blew away Panther....phew!

  7. mklos macrumors 68000


    Dec 4, 2002
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    I wouldn't let you install Mac OS 9.2.1 after installing Mac OS X.3 because you cannot install an older OS on top of a new one. For example you cannot install Win. 95 over top of Win XP. (You may be able to do that...I was just making an example there!)

    You must first install Mac OS 9 and then install Mac OS X. If you have newer Mac that will not boot from an OS 9 CD then you need to use your Software Restore CD or DVD that came with your Mac. After you have installed Mac OS X, see if you can install Classic support from it. If not then you'll have to install Mac OS 9 first and then install OS X which would tell me that you can boot from an OS 9 CD.

    On my 1 GHz FP iMac I install Mac OS X.3 and then put in my Software Restore DVD and restored Classic (OS 9.2.2), and the other software that came with my iMac back on. (iDVD 3, AppleWorks 6, Quicken Deluxe 2003, Deimos Rising, Otto Matic, etc...)

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