installing Maya dilemma


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Nov 29, 2002
Hey Fellas, Ièm new here I come from Baseboard forum but itès been down for a while...

...Anyways, I want to ask you guys a favor, I am trying to install Maya 3.5 and do not seem to understand some of the instructions.

I am supposed to open the Terminal Window on OSX and then type -lmhostid- after finding my Ethernet address (hostID).

Theres more following but at the moment thats where Im stuck.

If some of you Maya fans ever dealt with this before...I will really appreciate the tips, Thanks:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


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Sep 22, 2001

I haven't installed maya on my mac yet, but you do need to go through the terminal to get the install done. BTW, I don't know if 3.5 is really worth installing. It is a little unstable and depending on which graphics card you have, you might not be able to do certain things. (Hardware render buffer doesn't work right, for one). 4.5 is out, and while it's still a little unstable, it would be a better choice. You get new features in complete that weren't in 3.5. (subD's and the like) and it runs on 10.2.X.

Sorry I couldn't be more help on the install side! If I hear anything about osX install I'll post it! Good Luck!


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Feb 7, 2002
Originally posted by JupiterZen
Yeah, just give them your current location and a fully armed squa ... ehhh ... support team will join you for further assistance.

:D :cool:
that's kinda what i was getting at...

if it's a legit copy, then talk to alias.

if not, don't discuss it here.
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