Installing Panther on external FW HD (newbie question)

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) Discussion' started by shuffle1, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. shuffle1 macrumors member

    Jan 14, 2004
    Hi gang,

    I have an older iMac G3 (400 DV) running 9.1 and a 200 GB OWC Mercury Elite Pro (FW 800/400/2.0/1.1). I recently bought a copy of Panther and I'm dying to "play" with it, you know, just to get a feel. Can I install it on the external FW drive and boot up from that and then restart, booting up with 9.1 on the iMac's drive when I'm finished? The other thing is, I have a couple things on the external drive right now. Can I safely leave these on there, or would they be erased during the installation process. Thanks so much for your help.


  2. chabig macrumors 601

    Sep 6, 2002
    1) You can install Panther on the external drive. Then all you have to do is select that as your startup disk in System Prefs.

    2) Unless you specifically tell it to erase before installing, the files that are already there will remain.

  3. Horrortaxi macrumors 68020


    Jul 6, 2003
    Los Angeles
    You could also install it on your internal hard drive. It won't overwrite OS 9. You may have known that, so my apologies if you did.
  4. shuffle1 thread starter macrumors member

    Jan 14, 2004

    Thanks to both of you for the advice. I now have X up and running. For the record, I put it on the iMac's internal hard drive alongside 9.1 with no problem, and am now happily booting back and forth between the two. Thanks again. I really appreciate it.


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