Instead of a smaller iPad, how about bigger, much bigger...

Discussion in 'iPad' started by joshigh, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. joshigh macrumors member

    Jul 8, 2008
    Since there is so much speculation about what's coming next, I'll throw in what I'd like to see, something similar to the iBoard joke running around.

    An iTable if you will. Something similar to Microsoft's Tabletop Computing deal they are experimenting with, only you don't buy the whole table. Imagine something the size of a 40" or even a 32" or 27" TV that you could lie on any flat surface and use as a large desktop/computing area. Make it thin like an iPad so it's easily portable if you need to relocate it. Give it the same connectivity of an iPad or better. Network it, wi-fi it, 3g it if you must. Use it to control your entertainment system from your coffee table, house automation controls, whatever you can think of.

    I suppose the downside would be having to hover over a table to use it, I'm sure we could prop it up on a stand or hang it on a wall somehow too. Imagine a desktop at work that serves as a real desktop, a large device that you interact with directly, instead of keeping everything in computer screen, integrate things outside of the monitor and on to the desktop.

    Just thinking...
  2. lbro macrumors 6502a


    Jan 22, 2009
    Well for one thing not many would sell since the price would be way to high for the average family to afford.
  3. Evmanw macrumors regular


    Aug 4, 2010
    I kinda sounds like the possible touch screen imacs which would be soooo cool!!!
  4. alust2013 macrumors 601


    Feb 6, 2010
    On the fence
    That would be pretty cool, but I don't see a real market for that. A 9" iPad is at minimum $500. You would be looking at at least Mac Pro prices, if it didn't eclipse them. For something that would just be cool to have (not practical to use for any sort of heavy computing), $3k is just not going to happen
  5. MultiFinder17 macrumors 68000


    Jan 8, 2008
    Tampa, Florida

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  6. lozpop macrumors 6502

    Mar 6, 2006
    It will probably happen with the iMac.
    I don't think that we will see a bigger and portable iPad.
  7. bowlerman625 macrumors 68020


    Jun 17, 2009
    Chicago, IL area
  8. Tom G. macrumors 68010

    Tom G.

    Jun 16, 2009
    Champaign/Urbana Illinois
    A touch screen iMac would interest me, as I'm constantly trying to do touch screen stuff on mine! I'm sure I'm not alone in this either!
  9. baypharm macrumors 65816


    Nov 15, 2007
    I would like to see a 17" high resolution antiglare like what's on my MBP. I HATE small screens.

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