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Apr 12, 2001
Ironically, as Apple plans to introduce a new digital device, Intel is backing off that market:

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based chipmaker Thursday confirmed that its Connected Products Division, which specializes in digital cameras, digital-audio players and toys, is in the process of being phased out. The company will sell the existing inventory of these products, which should last through the first part of 2002. But further manufacturing will cease.


Intel's products were crap on purpose

All of the Intel consumer devices were designed for one purpose and one purpose only... to drive sales of Pentium III and IV processors. To that end, they had bloated, slow software interfaces and were crippled or nonfunctional when not connected to a computer.

I know what I'm talking about- I used to work at Intel Play, the joint venture with Mattel that produced the Me2Cam and QX-3 Microscope.

They failed becasue consumers aren't QUITE as stupid as Intel's marketing department thinks.


Jul 9, 2000
intel backing out

most people will agree that the future is in digital devices, not in buying a computer for every room (as flat sales in the desktop industry indicate)

a possible reason that Intel had to close this division, besides maybe not having the best product might be,

...the pressure amd has been giving intel, especially with their amazing mobile athlon 4 and mobile duron

...reduced pc sales which knocked off the giant compaq who was a major intel vendor

...and the sloppy launch of the pentium 4 and the ignoring of the chip during its first few weeks when problems arose and backtracking and pushing the p3, again

i cannot believe that intel thought that there was no future in the devices market...just take a look at digital cameras and mp3 players alone, they are everywhere

though i am a mac user first and foremost, i still hope the pc side of the industry pushes digital devices so all computer users can move into the future together
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