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    Feb 6, 2004
    Near Chicago
    I have seen other posts about domains for sale, and I am thinking about selling some of mine. I just dont have the time anymore.

    Points to my main site, willing to sell it.

    Someone in PA have a mac site or shop?
    This points to my main site, willing to sell it.

    This points back to godaddy (unused)

    These are all dedicated for my main website, a mac only classified free posting website. I am not a fan of eBay and wanted something where mac people can hang.
    I have software built for this, and was up and running for some time until my web hosting place (ex-Hosting) crashed and never recovered. So I had to start from a backup that was missing some users.
    Since then, I never really made it public again.
    I wanted to, just no time right now.
    I can go into more details and provide better links if someone is truely interested.

    Someone write code out there? Perfect name for a self starter.

    This one is a long shot, had a honda shadow motorcyle website/forum for a couple years. had a good 500 users who visited often. I sold shirts, and advertised. Made some decent money. Was a good domain that stuck in yahoo and google. Once again.. I ran out of time after the serious crash that killed all my hosting stuff.

    I dont have price tags on these yet, and I know forum rules need this.
    But I dont know what to put on it and would discuss it further if there was interest.

    All domains are thru


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