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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by walkingmac, Nov 8, 2004.

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    ok, I just saw the '' ad on TV about the new M$ Media Center and P4 computer to deliver a media content throughout the house. Advertising it as 'all the power you will need' and showing multi tasking between 5-10 apps while showing media content on a M$ box. I am personally not one for the 'ALL-IN-ONE' systems, where is Apple in all of this? I recall the constantly resurfacing Top Box that seems to exist in the heart of Cupertino Labs somewhere, but nothing that brought to mean stream. Even in the DigitalJoy ad and on the website, there is the ability to download movies. That raises all kinds of questions in my mind, what format, what ability to transfer to another system or media. What kind of encryption and reuse options, will I pay-per-view, buy the copy and use as I see fit. Will this format resist the ability to then share on a P2P network? Considering it is from M$, safe bet it will WMF. Did this format as secure as ACC and me not aware of that? Is this to push their format into the market?
    Other thoughts?
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    I'm not really clued into all this because I haven't really followed it, but at a glance it looks like m$ trying to play catch-up. I wouldn't bet against anyone saying it'll be WMF as that's how m$ can force everyone to use thier junk. As for WMF being secure, I'd say right off the bat NO, but again, I'm not really sure. Anyone?

    As for m$ products integrating with each other, I'm not so sure I want more than 4 or 5 apps running at the same time. I've had bad experiences in the past running mulitple Office apps with IE and so on, bringing the system to a crawl or just outright crashing the whole system. m$ apps tend to be so bloated they require OS X amounts of RAM just to run at all :rolleyes:

    Also one look at m$s security track record....

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