interesting discovery of graphics limitation in 10.8 over 10.7

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    hi fellas,
    i was playing bioshock and notice some video artifacts in one of the scene. this is on a fifteen inch retina macbook pro 2.6ghz, 16gb, 512gb, 10.8 ML. it made me wonder if it was a hardware issue, because when i was playing this same game on my other fifteen inch retina macbook pro 2.3ghz, 8gb, 256gb 10.7 lion it does not have this artifact in this same scene. i play the game side by side on both macs at the same time, and the artifacts is not there on the machine with 10.7 lion. i thought it was hardware issue and was ready to claim warranty, then it got me curious if it had something to do with the os itself, since i've always suspect mountain lion was a bit flakey. rather than going through the trouble of downgrading the os just to find out if it is indeed a hardware issue, i pop the bottom cover of both macs and swap the ssd instead. i plug in the 256gb ssd that had the 10.7 into the 2.6ghz machine and played the game again in the same scene and could not find the artifact in the same scene. i walk around the game looking for the artifact in the same area where the artifact existed in the original installation but it does not show up.

    turns out mountain lion has some kind of software limitation with the graphic card where as lion does not.

    when i plug the 10.7 ssd from the 2.3ghz into the 2.6ghz machine it boots right up, but when i plug the 10.8 ssd from the 2.6ghz into the 2.3ghz machine it wouldn't boot.

    boy how i despise mountain lion.

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