Interesting iPhone 5 purchase at Wal-Mart today

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Ivabign, Oct 7, 2012.

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    Mar 27, 2011
    My son's birthday is around the corner on the 15th - his upgrade was less than a week ago, so I couldn't get in on the pre-order - and when I got on the Verizon website - it said early November - Apple wasn't much better. So I called a Wal-Mart for the hell of it - the guy told me he sold the last one the day before.. Well. I started dialing - I found one less than two miles away - he told me he could hold it for an hour. I was there in 15 minutes....

    The whole process was easy quick and simple - I had to activate the thing, but I was able to re-activate my son's phone before he knew it..

    The interesting thing was - I looked at my receipt - I live in California - here you are charged tax on the entire unsubsidized price of the phone - so $199 + tax on $649... But NO - It was $189 and tax on $189 only, looking closer at the receipt - it had two interesting fields - there is a place where it mentions Early Termination Fee - There is reads $0. Also with Verizon, there is a $30 upgrade fee. On the receipt it states N/A - Now I know that Verizon will probably add that to my bill, but it would sure be nice to hold them to a zero early termination instead of $350...

    I know that can also be rescinded at the carrier level - but hell, at least I got away with $40 of tax!

    And I have a nice iPhone 5 ready to wrap for my son and won't look like a jerk when he opens the box and doesn't get an IOU...

    Cheers :)
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    Nov 2, 2008

    You're a good dad. :)

    Really cool you dodged the tax. I live in SoCal and HATE the stupid tax on these things. California always screwing us for living here. :mad:

    Good luck with the upgrade fee. It's usually charged by the carrier after the fact. I have AT&T and have always been able to get them to drop it when I call in and do the "I'm a loyal customer" rant. ;)

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    Happy Birthday to your son and congrats to you for being the Man of the Hour. Well done! :)
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    Nov 27, 2010
    Yeah, that's the best thing about getting iPhones from Walmart. They don't charge the taxes from the unsubsidized prices. Your son is going to have a great gift :D
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    This actually happened to my dad with Verizon also. Bought a new phone online via Verizon store, noticed on initial bill he wasn't charged for tax (I'm in Cali also) but once the phone bill came the tax part was added to that. So most likely you'll get it added to your monthly bill whenever that comes in the mail.
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    Congrats! and I too would like to know why in california wal-mart you dont pay taxes on the no contract price?

    Or does it pop up on your bill?

    what is the deal with that?

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