Interesting Opinion Piece on Steve Jobs in New Yorker ('The Tweaker')

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    I’ll know it when I see it. That was Jobs’s credo, and until he saw it his perfectionism kept him on edge. He looked at the title bars—the headers that run across the top of windows and documents—that his team of software developers had designed for the original Macintosh and decided he didn’t like them. He forced the developers to do another version, and then another, about twenty iterations in all, insisting on one tiny tweak after another, and when the developers protested that they had better things to do he shouted, “Can you imagine looking at that every day? It’s not just a little thing. It’s something we have to do right.”


    Good God, I hope they still think like that at Apple now that Jobs is gone.
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    I like Gladwell too but he lost me at the philanthropy is imagination at its grandest line. I don't know what that even means.
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    Really? That's all you got out of the article. That's not even "new" material - it's just regurgitation from the bio.

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