Interesting take on battery improvement


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Apr 15, 2011
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Well first off let me say, try it, and see your results before you bash this, it's worked for me(I know it's beat to death on "batterygate" thread and quotes will be beat to death to).

After doing some reading about our type of battery tech used in our iPhones(li ion polymer/or something like that- cant get the words to come to me now) I've had And interesting exp the last few days with battery improvement.

Our tech doesn't necessarily need to Be "cycled" so to speak. Once a month is actually what apple recommends. Just plug it in when you are around a charger, whether it needs it or not, even if it is just for a few minutes. I'm not going to go into what exactly "1" cycle consist of so I'll just skip to my experience.

For X-mas my wife bought me a nice iPod/iPhone dock. So it's been sittin on that, getting more charge than it would most days when I would purposely try to run it dead and "cycle" the battery so it would get better. I was getting no where. Usage time used to be at least 6 hours on the 4, never got to 5 on the 4S. Until the last few days. Since leaving my phone on the dock, getting the ions in my "lithium ion" battery going(by randomly charging it throughout the day when I had a chance) I have had SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASED battery life. I'm getting well past 5.5 hours of usage, on 14-16 hours of standby. In fact, the last 3-4 days it's went well into the 6 hour range.

I know that this has been beat to death, but all the battery threads I've seen have spoken about turning off the percentage, "cycling", recalibrating, setting up as new, and a few other things abou location services on. I have reached this mark with absolutely no services turned off or anything special, no anything. No setting up as new.

So in saying all that the solution for me was simple: charge throughout the day when u can, or it's convenient for you, and just let it go. I cant tell you that this will work for you, but it has brought my battery life back to that high standard set by the iPhone 4. Give it a shot and forget all about this cycling crap.


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Sep 18, 2010
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Let me get this straight, you use the iPhone during the day and put it to charge in between? It's pretty obvious that you'll get a longer usage isn't it? Since you keep topping it up? :confused:


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Apr 15, 2011
no, here is what I'm saying guys. I had to make that brief because i am getting tired and that was from my phone. since randomly charging the phone, at any given time while around the chargers say i did it yesterday, on thursday. Today while i am no where near a charger, my battery last much MUCH longer than normal. I knew i would get some responses like that. i wasn't as clear as i should have been.

Basically, on days when you can charge as much as possible do, then charge all night, as a cycle isn't every time you put it on the charger, a cycle is every time you go from 100 to 0 back to 100 percent. so after you wake up that next morning, you are going to get much longer usage after some intermittent charging the days before. try it I'm telling you, i stumbled across some information trying to figure out why my old 3Gs would die as soon as its off the charger(this has nothing to do with that) and I've had nothing but great results. perhaps I'm too tired now to make this clear. I'm brain dead after 13 hours at work today.
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MSM Hobbes

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Aug 25, 2006
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ohhhhh, yea…...

That is totally amazing! I wonder if you should get a patent for that? :eek:

Interestingly, I've found the same wonder for improving the amount of miles I can drive with my car,,, I simply fuel it up, sticking that metal nozzle into the filler while gasoline enters the tank as money sucks out of my wallet, every so often,,, even if it doesn't really need that much. It is simply awesome how this works. I mean, like you w/o charge in your battery, I was getting nowhere w/o fuel in my tank. But now, via this fuel improvement, I've SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASED fuel tank usability… getting many many more miles per tank. And again, also like you, I don't have to worry about any cycling crap,,, I mean, who wants to ride a bike when they can drive a car? :confused:


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Jun 9, 2011
Try this for a change, WiFi always on, as is BT

And it's on a single charge, the key is not to play games as this is the most CPU intensive an drains a lot of power from the battery :) the brightness set on auto and the slider at about 40%

That's 6h usage and 1d 15h standby with one full charge :)


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Feb 26, 2011
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NOOOOO!! I tried that and I got worse battery life! ;)

OP really just because you CAN start a thread, doesn't mean you have to.
I'm not sure why you're criticizing the OP. He's certainly not trolling. He had an idea which worked for him, and he shared it here. Isn't that part of the purpose of MR?

Maybe it works for others, maybe it doesn't. Because it didn't work for you doesn't make it an inappropriate post. You're attitude seems to be "it didn't work for me, so it's a bad post".

Perhaps you might consider that you're criteria for opening a thread is not the only reasonable one.


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Jun 24, 2009
Why are there so many members of this forum posting negative responses? ALOT of you have a chitty attitude! :mad:

Forums such as this are for owners to share ideas and experiences to help others. The OP found something that worked for him and was kind enough to share his experience, but you azz hats bash him! WTF is your problem? Ever heard of "be nice"? Did the OP bash or insult you with his findings?

I am a member of many forums, and I just don't understand all the "attitude" on this one. Why should someone offer up any info for the good of the members when most want to bash?

Thank you OP for your findings. I am the owner of a audio / video / home automation store; I understand what your describing and it has merit with rechargeable battery devices.

Ok, I'm done ranting! Who is gonna bash me now. :rolleyes:


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Mar 25, 2009
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The people posting negative responses clearly don't comprehend what he's saying.

The op is saying that the way he charges the phone whenever he can, even if only for a few minutes, makes the battery drain more slowly even when he's not near a charger.

So, for example, he's saying that if your phone usually dropped a % every five minutes, it would only drop a % every ten minutes if you charge the way he's suggesting.


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Jun 17, 2010
You all keep complaining about 6 hour battery life but all I've seen on my 4s is 8/9 Usage hours without music playing.


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Aug 10, 2010
Yeah, we're all tards and have no clue what op was saying........ OP even stated several times the issue was beat to death so he decided to beat it more?

charging batter = longer battery life.... I know he is "conditioning" it differently than others but to convince me I need screen shots of before and after with several comparisons of each. Seeing HIS approach is contrary to what apple and battery manufacturers say we should do why should I take his word for it?

Was just doing some reading..... seeing as heat decreases li ion battery's life and charging causes heat, wouldn't frequent charging actually degrade the overall life of the battery? (while possibly giving OP his "better" results) Just a thought.

LoL, You say you're right but who else does?[/QUOTE]
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Oct 27, 2008
maybe i am misunderstanding the situation:

usage is based on starting from 100%, discharging to wherever, and then charging back up to 100% again. if you are adding charge here and there throughout the day, you may never be going back up to 100% so your usage doesn't get reset. in that sense you aren't really getting more battery life, you're just tricking the counter.

for example, using this method i'm at over 6 hrs usage/15 hrs standby and 50% left on my battery right now. theoretically if i keep plugging it in around 20% battery and charging back up to 50% over and over, i can get days of usage out of the thing.