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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by i-sidd, Nov 15, 2012.

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    we are travelling to mexico and I called att and they said that in our current domestic plans we can use our phone but the charge would be $0.99 and if we add mexico plan then its $5 plus $0.59 per minute.

    I am thinking of not adding the mexico plan and just go with the 99 cents per minute. good idea? we wont be making a lolt of calls just want to knwo our phones will be working if we need to make calls that all.

    Also, 800 numbers are not free or dont usually work, our hotel will have wi-fi and i need to make a call to another country not USA.

    what voip can i use that uses wi-fi to make the call.

    Ohh - will imessages and facetime work if i am connect to wifi and the other number I am calling is in another country.

    Any tips would be helpful
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    Only you can answer that. How many minutes do you anticipate using? Do the math both ways and choose whatever suits you best (or calculate out the break even point and see if it's anything like your expected usage). This isn't a matter where one option is best for everyone.

    You might want to verify and keep this mind: IIRC unanswered calls that go to voicemail while internationally roaming may be billed double if your device is on as you're charged for both the incoming call and for the call being forwarded back to at&t's voicemail center back in the US. This can be avoided by keeping the device off.
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    If you do the math, if you expect to make under 25 minutes of phone calls it is cheaper to pay the 99c a minute than $5 and 59c a minute.

    There are a ton of VoIP apps in the app store. Skype would be a good one, you can preload it with some credit and calls to landlines are just a few pennies a minute, anywhere in the world (check their rates on their website).

    As far as iMessage and FaceTime - they both use the internet for sending and receiving. As long as you are connected to the internet and the other party is connected to the internet, it doesn't matter where you are or where they are - it's free.
    One suggestion - in iMessage settings turn off the 'Send as SMS' option while you're abroad, so you don't get charged for an international text if the message can't be delivered via the internet.
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    Get Google Voice and then use an app like Talkatone or GV Phone to use it via VoIP. Free calls to US/Canada, and cheap calls elsewhere. Also, free incoming calls if you use the app via your Google Voice number.

    Turn off call forwarding in Google Voice, and do not use the official Google Voice app to make calls. The official app does not use VoIP and just uses your phone to call Google which then sets up the call, thus using your minutes/roaming charges. You can use it to check voicemail though.
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    The breakeven point is 12 minutes, not 25 as mentioned above. So if you plan to talk 12 minutes or less, paying 0.99/min is the better deal. If you plan to talk 13 min or more, pay the $5 and get the 0.59/min rate.

    Sorry, no input on the VOIP question.
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    Yes you're right, oops. :eek:
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    Text messaging might be cheaper. You will only get charged for sending, not receiving as long as you have text plan. The send rate is 50 cents.
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    Nov 26, 2012
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    You might want to think about buying an imei unlock and getting a local sim to make calls.

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