Internet Preferences difference between OS 8.6 & 9 ?


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Dec 3, 2001
I just got a cable modem installed, the technical requirements page said it works with OS 8.1 - 9 but when the guy was going through the installation process he said they don't support anything lower than OS 9 and he couldn't authorise the installation because their tech support personnel are only trained in OS 9. He also said he'd get in trouble if he authorised it and I had to ring up for support still using OS 8.6

Changing "Connect via" to Ethernet in the TCP/IP control panel was all he did, he didn't even know I wasn't running OS 9 till I restarted with the cable modem plugged in and he saw the 8.6 splash screen.

Obviously I'm pretty annoyed about this, their dial up service is so over subscribed it's a joke these days and any other dial up service costs as much as their cable modem service because I have to have my own phoneline.

Is the way of configuring internet access on OS 9 any different from OS 8.6 ?

I've only got a beige G3 and I'm under the impression that OS 9 might slow things down a bit so I was planning on sticking with 8.6 till I get a new G4 later in the year.


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Jan 6, 2002
Yeah, OS 9 will do you more good than bad. It might be a tad slower, but the benefits it will bring will outweigh the small speed loss.


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Jun 18, 2001
WestCost, USA

OS 9 is much better. As for the suport thing... that it typical. The help desk guy only has one manual that he is reading from. He does not know anything but what he is told. You may have to lie and just say.. yeah.. I have OS 9. The TCP/IP settings are still the same... there should not be much diffrence at all. I think you can still pick use DHCP server for IP grabbing.. thats all that maters in your case. All you should need from your cable compainy is a drop and your POP and SMPT servers. Help desks are usless most of the time.
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