Internet Wifi>))))>Cantenna>PowerBook>Ethernet Port>local Wifi router)))) Help?


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Nov 22, 2009
Bizarre setup yes, but there's a reason.:p Tried searching for answers, but can't seem to find a setup similar to mine.

My boat is moored some distance from a marina Internet Wifi signal, so I use a Cantenna with a getto connection to the Airport Card on my PowerBookG4 OS X10.5.8. Works fine, but I'd like to share that internet connection through the MacbookG4 Ethernet Port to another Wifi router so I can connect my iPown or another computer locally.

"Preferences>Sharing>Internet Sharing to computers using Ethernet> Wifi router WAN port" returns the dreaded Error Message: "Airport has a self-assigned IP address and may not be able to connect" Using DHCP -

I know my wifi router works fine, since it checks ok if connected directly to an ethernet port on the main internet connected Wifi router.

I've tried a few. I've tried a few Manual port configurations, but don't really know what I'm doing. The D-Link Air Di514 802.11b router IP: has been reset to factory defaults after many restarts of both computer and router.

Any suggestions?


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Aug 15, 2001
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Generally what you're describing should work; have you tried turning off the firewall on the Mac? I've had problems with it blocking traffic necessary to get network sharing to work.

Personally, though, I'd recommend getting a hardware repeater in place of trying to use your hacked airport card.

I've used the Edimax EW-7206APg in exactly the sort of setup you're trying for--it has a cantenna connected to the external antenna jack (reverse SMA, so no soldering needed if you buy/make the right cable), then doing a blind relay of traffic through its internal antenna to give connection to computers near it. Has worked flawlessly in the past 6 months at work, though I admit it's been pretty lightly used.

It's an off brand, and rather hard to even find for sale (it's apparently a re-birth of one from another company that was discontinued) but it's one of the few reasonably inexpensive routers that will do true blind relay stuff. Certainly worked better than Linksys' repeater, which cost three times as much. There are probably other products that will as well, but those are the only two I have experience with.
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