Intuit admits bungled fix

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 3, 2008.

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    As a small biz owner using Intuit's "ugly" Quickbooks app, it is very disappointing. There's enough to deal with the Quickbooks mac version, which by the way is almost completely anti-mac designed, to now add more crap by their automatic update.

    I wish there was a better solution for accounting on the mac. I know there are other solutions, but QBs seems the most complete in an un-complete mac environment.

    Intuit "get it together" !
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    Help for those hit

    As an IT Consultant, I see lots of issues with lost data every day. Some are accidental, some are partial hardware failure, some are malicious co-workers, and others are bugs in software.

    In all cases, I've had great success recovering the data by using FileSalvage from You can download a copy here: FileSalvage for data recovery and undeleting lost files

    The download will tell you what files it can recover, before you pay for it.
    Please download to a drive that is NOT your user folder drive in this case, so as not to overwrite any of the files that are now missing.

    Full Disclosure: I've been using software for years as a consultant now and as a result have done (very limited) part time beta testing for them as well.
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    There is, it's called QuickBooks for Windows running in a VM :) Which is exactly what I do, primarily because Assisted Payroll does not work on the Mac version of QuickBooks.

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