CarPlay IOS-12 has a new way solve your problem when Siri voice guidance volume is set too low to hear

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    As many of you know:
    CarPlay remembers the volume setting for Siri's voice guidance independently of the volume for music and other things. In order to change the Siri voice guidance volume, you need to adjust the volume DURING a moment when siri is actually giving you VOICE guidance (ie when she's actually speaking).

    And for people whose setting is already set too low to hear, that can be very difficult to do, since they don't hear it and thus don't know when to adjust it. (This is the problem I want to address)

    Apple has just provided a nice solution to this by way of a new Speaker icon, whose primary purpose is turning mute on or off. (When using apple maps for directions, just tap the map and the speaker icon appears at the top left, along with a few additional options in that top panel.)

    Well with this new Apple Maps speaker icon, whenever you tap it to turn it off and tap it again to turn it back on, Siri immediately repeats the voice guidance for your next move. So if you never hear Siri voice guidance because the setting is already too low: You can just tap the speaker icon off and on and then begin adjusting the volume until you hear it. (That really should solve the problem, I believe)

    One more note. When the speaker icon HAS a diagonal line through it, it means that Siri voice guidance volume is CURRENTLY MUTED.

    (That's not really obvious when you're having problems, since the icon of speaker + diagonal line could have been interpreted as a mute button, which might need to be tapped to GET to MUTE, and speaker without diagonal line as a button you need to tap to turn mute off)

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