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Discussion in 'iOS 11' started by gigapocket1, Nov 6, 2017.

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    Sitting at dinner. I was thinking How the X really is just the start to the future of the iPhone. And just trying to understand or guess where Apple is trying to go. And I’ve think I’ve figured it out. We all know Touch ID isn’t coming back. I honestly think touchID was actually plan B from the beginning.
    We all was wondering why when FaceID authenticated is. Why didn’t it just unlock and go to the home screen..i think that’s what Apple really wants to do. Next Apple is going to remove the lockscreen. They’ve already merged the lock screen and Notification Center together.. and next. I think it’s to merge the lock screen and the home screen. And how would this idea work?? You have to look non further than the Apple Watch. I feel like Apple rarely does 1 thing to a product and doesn’t bring it over to all product lines.. The key is The Apple Watch Siri watchface. The watchface is dynamic. Offers up important things when you need them, hides things when you don’t need it.
    So imagine. In the future. You pick up your phone. And what you see is Siri. Showing you notifications that you really care about, offering apps that you probably want to use based on your location and usage patterns, telling you your next turn or showing you a friend that may be near by, throwing in a couple of memories of old pictures that’s in your camera roll, news that you want to see, and the list goes on.. No more swiping up to unlock the phone. Your phone identifies you, and everything just pops up. Apple wants to remove the swipe up. Taking 1 more step out of the equation.
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    What will be the screen if some one else picks up the phone, of there is no face ID enabled?

    It's a good thought though.. I think iPhone X cannot have an auto unlock feature because raise to wake, or tap to wake was made for the exact reason of glancing your notifications...

    but Siri already works in widgets, showing us everything... and also suggestions for apps in handoff, and based on pattern(night and day), and music(when plugging in earphones)

    Good thought, but I don't think will merge the lock screen...
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    It would just show the time.. no need to see notifications. Only show it for the actual person when it’s logged in. Similar to right now.
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    I like this idea a lot. I just posted in another thread about iPhone X auto opening after a successful unlock if there are no notifications to be shown. Not exactly the same, but I do think iOS 11 on X is the beginning of a more organic way of interacting with your device, and it is quite exciting.
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    Completely agree. iPhone X is only the beginning.

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