All Devices iOS 13.3: Calendar app deletes the invitation mail upon acceptance of invite inside Calendar app on an Outlook/ Exchange/ Office 365 account


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Mar 2, 2015
Accepting a Calendar invitation received in an Outlook/ Exchange/ Office 365 account from inside the native Calendar app of iOS deletes the invitation email from Inbox.

Microsoft does provide this feature (non-deletion of invitation email) in its own Client. Outlook for iOS does not delete the invitation mail if the invite is accepted from inside the iOS Outlook app Calendar section by pressing RSVP. Thus there are APIs exposed on Outlook/ Exchange accounts for use be client apps like iOS Calendar app.

The initial versions of iOS 13 did allow mails to be retained (and not automatically deleted) even after acceptance of invitation in Calendar app. This feature which was apparently present in the initial versions of iOS 13, has surprisingly resurfaced and is occurring on the subsequent versions like iOS 13.3 versions.
Anyone else?
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