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iPhone ios 13.7 killed my bookmark sync. Help!


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Sep 19, 2020

A week ago I was a happy camper with my iphone 6s 12.4.1, macbook pro 10.13.6 (safari 11) and icloud for windows 11.2.

As I prefer to update only the last release, I decided to install 13.7 before apple stop signing it.

And now I deeply regret this.

My main complain is bookmarks sync. Before updating my bookmarks were flawlessly synced between safari mac, safari ios, and chrome windows (work computer). Not a single problem in more than a year and this is something I intensively use.

As soon as I updated 13.7, iphone was out of sync with both macbook pro and windows pc. However both pcs were still synced.

I though it was because safari 11 was too old. So I abandoned my beloved extensions and update to 13.1.2 but still in high sierra. Ios 13.7 was still unsynced.

So I thought maybe it is a macos related problem and decided to abandon my rock solid High Sierra and install Mojave 10.14.6. It didn’t bother me because I had already planned to do it sooner or later.

After Mojave upgrade, safari was downgraded to 12.1.2. No iphone sync but still windows-macos perfectly synced.

So I decided to upgrade safari again to 13.1.2. My last bullet. And failed. Not only ios13.7 is still unsynced but also broke windows-macos sync.

So, all in all, I have 3 devices with unsynced bookmarks! Really disappointing.

A curious fact. Bookmarks are not synced between safari ios and macos BUT tabs are. I can manage remotely ios tabs from macos and viceversa. And I thought that this was more restrictive than plain bookmarks.

Any idea? Any similar case?

At least I expect to recover the windows-macos sync. There is a icloud 11.3 version that my computer is not installing, maybe because I am in windows 1909 instead of 2004 version. I’ll try as soon as I upgrade this computer,

On the other hand I have no intention to upgrade to Catalina. So if this is the solution, bad luck…

I repeatedly try to enable/disable safari in icloud preferences. To be honest I haven’t signed out my icloud account in the iphone 6s as it says that I’ll loose a lot of info (wallet for example) and I don’t think this could be the solution (never has been).

Thanks for your help or comments…
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