All Devices iOS 13/ macOS Catalina reminders app not syncing and draining the battery - what am I doing wrong?


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Jul 11, 2015
Hello everyone!

Last weekend I finally finished migrating all of my Macs and iDevices to Catalina/ iOS 13 (a process that started in September last year, but was put on hold due to the poor quality of Catalina). Everything went well until then...
The problems started when I pressed "update" in all of the reminders apps so I could use the new functions. Because from this point on some my devices (my Apple Watch and iPhone 8+, both on the latest version of watchOS and iOS), which were working perfectly fine for months, all of a sudden ran through an entire battery within hours. Completely resetting the Apple Watch, and killing the reminders app in the app switcher + restarting the iPhone 8 seems to have fixed the battery issue for now, but I'm still not 100% sure everything is back to normal there (only time will tell).
Furthermore, all of my Macs were really struggling with the reminders update (often showing the "The creator of this list has upgraded these reminders"-notice for hours while some wheel was turning next to "My Lists"). Several deactivations and activations of "reminders" in the macOS settings later the update did go through, so in the end all of my devices now run the new version of reminders.
But the problems don't stop there. Because even more so than before the reminders app update syncing just doesn't happen, meaning that tasks I mark as completed on one device keep showing up on some or all of the other devices even hours later, while newly created reminders don't show up at all. The same is true for any changes I make to a reminder (time or description, for example).

Have you guys experienced any of the issues mentioned above? And are you aware of any solution?