iPad (iOS 13/Mini 5th) some newbie questions


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Oct 21, 2005
I have some newbie questions concerning my iPad mini (5th generation) with iOS 13.3.1 which I haven't been able to figure out on my own, nor find any decent answer online:

1) How to transfer downloaded files from iPad to my Mac?
I've downloaded some files from within Safari to the iPad "Download" folder, and when connecting (USB cable) the iPad to my Mac (OSX 10.11) with iTunes (12.8) I do indeed see several apps in the "File sharing" category (iMovie, Garageband etc.) but "Downloads" isn't there, nor any new folders I create in the iPad "Files" app. How does this all work?

2) How do I completely remove any use of iCloud for storage?
I'm perfectly happy keeping my files on my iPad, and thought I had disabled all iCloud options before I started using it. Despite this, when I go to "Settings" - "General" - "iPad storage" and scroll down to "iCloud drive" I see several that over 3 Mbytes have been stored there. How do I check what's been stored there, delete the files and ensure that iCloud storage is turned off for good?

3) Are there any user manuals for IOS 13 available, explaining the above, and everything else?
Things are getting a lot more complex, and not everything is self-explanetory any more.
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