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Jul 3, 2007
Irvine, CA
Hello Everyone,

I updated my iPhone X to 14.3 today. I launched the camera app and was shocked that it was non-functional. I see all of the options like photo, video, portrait, timer, auto...however, the viewfinder is black subject matter at all. In addition, when trying to make a selection, i.e. photo to video, the camera app is very slow and laggy. It also crashed several times. I did a hard reset, but this did not help the problem.

I also cannot access the rear-facing camera through the notes app or magnifier. The front-facing camera seems to be working. At least I can see myself with the front-facing camera. I see only a black canvass with the rear camera.

Is anyone else having similar issues?

My iPhone X was recently replaced by Apple a few months ago and it has been running included.

Any input or feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.


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Feb 16, 2016
Interestingly this happened to my Xs but on the front facing camera. For me it only lasted until a restarted the phone. I hope yours gets working again.
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