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iOS 14 Supports Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 and Adaptive Controller


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Mar 21, 2011
Australia, Perth
Asphalt is not a console style game ? Call of Duty 4 is not a console style game.??. Bioshock wasn't a console style game? All on the ipad, or were at some stage.

The use of a controller with keyboard attachment makes this a portable "Mac".... "very" portable.


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Jan 12, 2017
What?! Are you serious? I hope your joking about the ‘real’ gamer angle. Else, what a dick...

Someone happily enjoying a AAA game on xbox etc or even on mobile is as much a gamer as anyone else.

re apple getting getting serious about gaming, its not a stretch to see them doing an Apple TV Arcade Edition with the AxZ Arm chip + gamepad soon. the pieces are starting to line up.
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Jan 9, 2018
Hong Kong
The switch did great because of the games. Mostly 1st party games. Sounds like Apple needs to buy itself a games studio and crank out some great first party titles.

they really should have done that like amazon with their amazon game studio
Good to see, I hope they quickly support the PS5/XBSX controllers after launch too.

If only Apple supported Vulkan natively the Mac might actually be useful for gaming.

lol judging by apple's update once a year routine I think thats gonna happen on iOS 16 lololol
btw I am having fun with the elite 2 controller on the tvOS 14 developer beta. ( I bought elite 2 on October 2019 and was really looking forward to play it with arcade and I was shocked when it was supported )

playing a lot of sonic racing on apple arcade , the game need some serious balancing ... I am being outmatch using an elite 2 controller playing as BIG cat while iPhone players using their op shadow car
what about MacOS Big Sur?

installed developer beta OS14 on all of my device... Big Sur recognize elite 2 but it doesn't work yet in any thing , tried it with Apple Arcade , it works when you connected with cable with custom driver tho

having fun on tvOS14 with the elite 2 ,
been playing a lot more sonic racing now thanks to the elite 2
I am downloading beyond a steel sky at this very moment !!

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